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Strange Dreams



Hmm i had an strange again.
I was my fursona and was walking in my living and i opened my door and got sucked into an wormhole with my seizure making pictueres and colour.


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I dreamed I was being chased across a landscape that looked like a huge computer chip by two robotic wolves and krang from teenage mutant ninja turtles (90's cartoon)


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I often dream about enormous cemeteries, and waterparks. Occasionally I'll dream I'm at the airport or in a plane.

last night I dreamt I was getting nailed by Blake Mitchell.


My dream is: I was holding a device that was near a foot long. this device was projecting like a hologram of a building to be made, I think I press a button and that building was been build fast. It look like a bus terminal with a underground passage. I don't remember anything before or after that. :(

It would be cool if our dream could be recorded and that we can view them :)
I had this dream there was an entire mini golf course in the backyard, when suddenly a baby platypus climbs out of the first hole. The whole family is just staring at it because it's so cute, when a lavender alligator comes out of nowhere and decapitates it. The golf course turns to sand and falls apart.
No one gave a damn.


Lost in the Static
Nothing like dreaming that your best friend you haven't seen in almost a year is acting feminine when you next see him.


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I often dream of the same city, next to a lake that is literally infinite in both depth and breadth, with skyscrapers and highways going a ridiculous height into the sky. Thing is, everything is always the same, like my brain is actually keeping track of it all. Back when I remembered my dreams more often I bet I could have drawn an accurate map of the whole place.


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I have fallen from buildings and hit the ground, only to collect myself and walk away. Been skewered and removed what has pierced through my body. While falling, growing wings and falling.
More unusual dreams or the dreams that continue over a period of several nights. Picking up where it concluded upon waking. It's like being in my own mini-series.
Lately, my dreams have been about crafting. Going to sleep with my imagination in over-drive. Waking up with ideas that result in me looking up to see if I can do what it was I had been dreaming about.
I have had dreams about post-apocalyptic world. Where I had been forgotten about in a run down house. Cups of soup were often offered to me to drink. Eventually I would leave that run down house and enter some long grass, nervous about the world. Upon seeing someone else, and they heading toward me, double back around the house, and come back to where the individual I seen once stood. Then I was asked to follow and took me to a clearing which was an old street. Others were standing about and large vehicle was descending which became larger and larger until it revealed itself as a large ship. The perimeter was lined with similar building that one would perceive as tenement buildings. Everyone entered. Once it was my turn to be processed. A lady at the desk would take my information and put it through a machine that looked like an old processor/printer that printed out a long strip of weird triangular shaped patterns. These patterns were folded in such a way as to fit within a triangle-shaped object. Was told this object would be my ID that shimmered with rainbow hues. Then I heard my father's voice and then my mother's voice. She said 'Good. You're here finally.' We hugged and I was told that I would be shown to where I will be residing. Was told that I could remain as long as I wanted to, that most people leave in the morning and come back in the evening before dark. It was unsafe at night. Was informed that I needed to keep my ID with me at all times. As I was leaving, was informed that to continue residing there that I would have to pay three dollars a day. Thought it was serious, but everyone began to laugh. There's no money. Those that go during the day, forage, salvage and look for survivors. Then I awakened.
My dreams are often vivid and often in colour.
About 3 weeks later, watched a movie about a floating city. Didn't look anything like the city in my dream though.


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I get the best dreams. Once I had a dream where pikachu and bulbasaur are under a spotlight on a stage holding each other and crying softly in their poke language. While the only words being said were 'pika pika' and 'bulbasaur' I knew that they were in love and were crying because society didn't want a pikachu and a bulbasaur to be in a relationship together. It gave me such strong saddening emotions, and right before I woke up, the lights started to come on and Ash Ketchum and I were standing there in front of a pokemon center watching these two have their moment and we were just staring slack jawed wondering what the hell was going on XD


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OK last night I dreamed that I finally had moved away, and I was moving into a student dorm. It turned out, I was sharing a bedroom with 8 other people, and we were 2 to a bed, so I was sharing a bed with another girl. Everyone in this bedroom went to bed stupidly early at night (10PM or so) and got mad at me for being awake past midnight.

So I decided to unpack my stuff into the cupboards and drawers which were allocated to me, only to find that the previous occupant hadn't unpacked anything, and that one drawer was jam-packed with Digimon action figures. I mean, I had never seen some of these iterations before, they were beautiful. I managed to get the one closest to the outside of the drawer, out. It was Beelzemon Blast mode, and it was pose able in every way imaginable. All of a sudden, my mum was there, and I said that I would mKe sure they were safe for when the occupant came back for them (but all the time wishing they never did).

Then one of my roommates shushed me again, and I was wishing that I could have moved in with the previous occupant instead, because it seemed like me and them would've gotten along.

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Some mornings, if I wake up well before my alarm clock and decide to try to get a bit more sleep, I always ALWAYS have a dream where I at at a former job with my horrible supervisor. It was an office job, with all kinds of filing and paperwork to do. In my dream, I actually am no longer working for the company but for some reason I am there, and my supervisor is giving me a hard time, telling me I'm late and bossing me around and just being her usual hostile, mean, manipulative, catty self.

I hate that damn dream. I should really just not try to get back to sleep, and lie there and daydream instead, because when the alarm does wake me up, I end up feeling more tired and crappy and stressed.


Last night it was strange, I was hallucinating in dreams like mad.

I woke up and if I focused (IRL) sounds were normal, but if I lost focus things got crazy.
I never hallucinated before, I do not mind it in limitation.


Why worry
...there are a lot of people who dream about being murdered, it seems. It's weird, to me; it's pretty rare for me to dream of death or scary things, just hilarious nonsensical bullshit -- like Leonidas from 300 handing out paper towels to his Spartans while screaming "TONIGHT, WE CLEAN THIS HELL".

Maybe it's because I don't have a subconscious fear of being helplessly murdered. *polishes slide on S&W 40VE*
But you have a gun......


Why worry
Mine are always fuckin bizarre. And usually involve me having to watch people being killed or me having to fight to protect said people.. A lot of my dreams are like a scene off of the book of Eli when he's watching the old people getting raped and killed...at first I would do much but over time I made it a goal to save the people in my dream... Once I finally did this massive demon thing walked around this corner and I was brought to another area.. I jumps at me trying to kill me with what I assume is a sword. And I just happen to also have a sword... So as were fighting I'm getting angry because neither of us seem to be making an advance on eachother.. The demon sees this and starts telling me to yes revel in it you know you love it cmon fight me yea... So once I'm extremely angry I swing my sword as hard as I can and smash through his and he lands on his back.. I jumped on top of him and go to finish him off, but he's smiling he wants me to kill him. So I stop I told him "no it's not your day today and I won't hurt you unless you try to hurt me". And he screams this extremely high pitched scream that sounds like nothing I've heard before... I put my back to him as he is screaming and cursing at my back... I see his shadow jump in the air and hear him jump behind me.. I jump back and duck at the same time. And he of course over shoots and is caught off balance trying to turn to face me. So I swing and almost sever him in half. I looked at him lying on the ground and said I warned you.. Turn around and walked away with him still screaming in the background...

the Funny thing is where I fought this demon was in the same spot where another dream I had happens.. And is the first time two of my dreams happen in the same spot.


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Mine was weeeeeeird last night. My family and I were in a some situation (can't remember) but my sister and I ended up ordering bad dragon kits (like those pokemon card boxes that have tons of booster packs, figurines and stuff, but with several dildos and junk instead). Anyways neither of us knew tge other was going to order a kut and she kept wanting to compare them while I was trying to keep them hidden from my mom. The dream then changed and I was being hunted as these bad guys wanted to lock me up for some reason. At one point I was wearing my fursuit (either I was only wearing the body or I was semi-fused with it). It was weird but coolish. I was jumping over rocks and climbing and hiding. It was intense.


I dreamt that i kissed someone , and we kissed the whole time.
I dont know why i dreamt it.

Maybe a need someone to love.

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I dreamed that an artist friend of mine did a fantastic portrait of her boyfriend, with his long hair woven into a big bushy moustache. I woke up jealous and still am, 12 hours later.

That's one more art related anxiety dream to the list,


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Most of my dreams are memories or hints from the past. But when it's not I'm usually fighting something. But I can feel the pain and not know its a dream. Then when I wake up which usually means I jump and fly to the closets weapon.

So ill tell one as an example. I was in a grey setting ,fog and mist was coming in my direction. I couldn't see anything other then the concrete floor under my feet. Then I noticed I had a gun in my hand. Then I turned my head and body's started to appear from the fog. They were soldiers and they just walked on by with their weapons ready. They just ignored me. Then the mist started to fade. I saw a white van up ahead so I waked up next to it. When the fog was gone I turned to ask one of the men what was going on and where was I. His face was covered in black paint but I was able to see some skin and his eyes. He grabbed me and pushed me away which I fell and hit my head on the van. Then when I looked up a loud bang disturbed the silence and a reddish line when through the man who pushed me and he fell to his side. Then gun fire went in two direction down the street and up the street where we were at. I decided to return fire but before I even pulled the trigger one of the lights hit me in the chest. I fell back leaning against the van. It felt like someone gave me a good slap to the chest and immediately started to burn. I started to slide to the floor and I decided to crawl under the van to safety. I rolled over to my back when I was under the van. I just lied there with this pain in my chest it burned as if someone put a hot pan on me and the first spark of pain you got stayed and didn't die down. Then I felt someone grab my legs and jerked me out under the van.

Then that's when I woke up with no one to be seen.


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Wow, that's intense. I wish I could help you interpret your dream Noble, but I haven't been as to recall a single dream in years. I hope someone more helpful than I comes along and posts


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Just a heads up or disclaimer which ever. I am not a vet nor serving in the military if that's what your wondering andI don't have PTSD. what I just shared was part of a dream I usually keep the ending to myself.


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Most of my dreams are so storylike (even if they're weird) I actually get kind of annoyed when I have "mundane" dreams about doing normal stuff.

For example: Once I dreamed Christian Bale was fishing off the back of a buckboard wagon, and he asked me to keep him company, and he told me he was afraid of deep water. The side we were in of the lake was murky and brown like the sand had been stirred up, and the other side was perfectly clear (that was the deep side, our side was maybe waist deep, I'm 5'11") and the fish were easy to catch, he showed me how to catch one in your hands. And then he left me with the wagon to go sell the fish somewhere, and this woman rises up out of the water to her waist, very cliche her hair covering her breasts, and she tells me she's a selkie, and he's her son. And that I should protect him and take care of him... and never let him go to the "deep water". It was like something out of a movie, really.

And this is all fully detailed in full color (which is usually standard for my dreams) and very real seeming, very vivid. I've had others... man the weirdass dreams I had after Inception. Ugh.


I know it's said that everyone dreams constantly while asleep, so that must mean my dreams are very rarely ever anything vivid. When I do have dreams that I remember they're always very real environments (nothing fantasy) but with very strange stories that usually make partial sense throughout but with not possible occurrences. A good example of what I mean would be a zombie apocalypse dream I had a couple months back. The world itself is a very real setting, the people and the surroundings and such are very realistic, but there were zombies (but they were dumber than usual because just going into a building meant we were safe, they didn't try to break in or anything).

I can recall at least a very basic summary of any of these dreams because they do leave me with a very odd feeling and I end up thinking about them for so long that they linger forever. Only after first waking up can I remember very good details though, and after even just an hour of being awake I start to forget exacts. My general memory of anything before the age of 11-12 is almost nothing, so I might be forgetting some dreams from that time, but anything after that I do remember.


Lost in the Static
I can't remember the details, but I recall there being some cataclysmic event going on in my dream last night, like heavy radiation or plague. I don't remember much, I just remember death coming and me having to run away, through a city. How odd.