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So, the first time i heard about furries was watching a documentary about it when i was 8 years old. The first thing i saw this i thought: wtf is that!? What these crazy people have in their heads? At the time i had a kind of contempt of it. After some years , when i was 12 years old i was searching some video in youtube as always and saw a video titled "Furry Large 3" with a thumbnail of two anthropomorphic felines with very big breasts. After watching it i get very horny with some of the pictures in the video. This is how i met furry. At first i only cared about the watermelons, but after knowing more about other stuff like that i start to get passion for these girls. I don't know why but instead of liking human woman, i like more anthropomorphic animal woman of species i like. Depending of the art style and the content shown in the picture without crazy stuff, i get so passioned and horny at the same time that my heart beats really hard. Anthropomorphic girls with breasts at least the size of a melon to bigger and sometimes dropping milk with actually beauty either by the color of the fur, of the eyes, clothes, kind of fur, species and art style really catch my attention. I don't know if i can be considered a furry as most furry stuff i consider to be weird, almost don't consume media with anthropomorphic characters and always when i search for stuff that i like, appears a lot of sick and insane stuff that even scares me with only a few good arts, including art with not so beautiful things that i described before but i like anthropomorphic women for some reason. And also furry people are very kind. I don't know if is normal and correct to like this stuff, including "women" with sexual and physical attributes and sometimes even fetish considered by some people sick. I thought multiple times in dating these women even if they do not exist. Sorry if i am bothering someone but i just decided to outburst here a thing relationated to this community. My intention is not to offend, just outburst. I am a completely social misfit. I don't have friends, never had a girlfriend, i was bullied with 13 years old and is not because of this interest. I tried to make friends in internet but even in internet i don't have any friend. And also i don't understand very well this community as they are so many cool people with just a uncommon hooby and the same time so many insane people with fetish so much worse than mine. I hope you understand me.


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You like what you like. As long as you’re not harming anyone, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You may, however, find it easier to make friends if you stop kinkshaming both yourself and others. There’s no need to categorize anything as “fetish so much worse than mine.”

Stray Cat Terry

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After reading your essay, I think there needs a thing to be corrected. But it's not your fault so never feel bad.

One of the common misconception is viewing something different as wrong. Well, the mindset like that has been inhereted for decades so it's acceptable that you are educated to think like that. However, it's not the answer.
Only mean people with a habit of alienating the different people say 'wrong' cuz they feel safe to think that they're 'right'. In fact, nothing's definitely right or wrong, but it's up to whether you wanna keep up with certain groups of people or rather be yourself and seek for better conditions.

There's no need to question yourself on 'if this is right'. Even if that's uncommon, it never means you are wrong.

The ones telling you to stop are just afraid of new, creative stuff, cowarding in old fashions. There's absolutely no one that has right to tell you right or wrong, unless it's you wanting to heed them.

If you like certain stuff, keep liking it. The answer is in you!