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Strange things you've found


I startled a cat that was sitting outside of my house, so it jumped up into the air, ran off and rammed its head into a wall, knocking itself unconscious. Cats are so spazzy =x


Some giant wasp in my hair, used condoms and dirty panties at school, a used tampon at the elementary school, and beer bottles in the elementary schoolyard.


Lady of the lake
there are a few things i guess...
- this community^^ strange but still fun and lovable X3
- 40 bucks, fuck yeah!
- a small sample of uranium my sister had in a giftpack for employees of a nuclear powerstation they visited (the teacher confirmed that it was indeed uranium XD)

thats it i guess... i usually find small amounts of money like 1 or 2 bucks and im pretty happy with that^^


Dance the Mussolini
I've found condoms on an elementary school playground. A friend of mine once claimed that he cracked a rock and a butterfly flew out.


F*ck you, that's my name
Me and a friend found a picture at a construction site one time, it was of a guy's penis as they were screwing some other person in the ass.


In FAF CAThulu lies dreaming..
I found an ant colony in my monty python and the holy grail dvd case...eggs and all. I lived in a really crappy apartment while at college.

Then a friend of mine and I found a dead seagull while walking back from a club one night, and she insisted on taking the carcass with us because she could use the wings for a costume. It was insisted that she kept it in the shed while she slept over.


What is this internet?
I once found a dead mouse in my house and I looked at it for a while but when I tried to throw it out and there were maggots in it. I was soo grossed out I dropped the thing and ran back to my room. I was not happy that day.

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I was in the car with some of my friend on the way home as we turned the corner we saw two guys fucking near the tree line(it was night and the headlights flashed on them). My friends bro that was driving honked the horn as long as he could when he drove by XD I couldn't breath for the next ten minutes i was laughing so hard.

I was helping my sister stack hay in the barn to get my foot suck between to bales of hays when that happened me and 30-50 other bales fell all with the ones that i was standing on, i feel a good 20 feet. >.> also a reason i don't ware boot anymore.

But the oddest thing would have to be the first one xD.
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This is a true story.

I was walking in the woods. and there was a bench (many people luved to f*ck in these woods, and i found muiltple condoms. but nvm that

But on that bench, people carved stuff in it. and i saw that someone carved

"Furfags Unite"

I just loled cause i couldnt believe i found that. i wonder who wrote it.


I found a dead collie under my trailer-shed once. The only things left were fur and bones.

I saw ducks at my bus stop when I was seven.

I found a fossil at school when I was looking for shiny rocks. (That was pretty cool)

I saw the remains of a 250-year-old brick house in a city I go to, just out of site from a not-so-inhabited area.
Omg, just remembered something else.

A mattress out next to an abandoned quarry... surrounded by condoms XD... ROFL.
I think someone had an orgy.
The mattress was disgusting though... D:.
Hmmm... Strange things I've found... Well, *looks in pants* AHHHHHH!!! LONG HARD STICK THINGY!

But no really, I found meteorite in my front yard. =P It was pretty cool!

EDIT: Just read the few posts above mine, that is majorly disgusting. ._.
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Fluffy as a shaggy carpet
An abandoned floor to an hospital that had all of its lights closed except one or two.

I was visiting my grandma and my mother had me go to the lobby to buy something , and when I came back up I had mistaken which floor to go to and ended up walking out of the elevator and realising I was on the wrong floor when then doors closed behind me XD

If anyone played SIlent Hill , that's exaqctly how that floor felt.
Creepy as hell.


I have a deer and woodchuck skull I found by some freight train tracks. I also found a dead bird in my room once. My cat had brought it upstairs for some unknown reason.

I also found a cross, stuck into the ground, in the middle of the woods when I was at girl scout camp...creeepy.


I don't think you found the fandom in the woods or whatever.
If you did.
Jesus Christ.
That's fucking terrifying.

I found the remnants of a calf's leg, almost completely picked clean on my big woodsy adventure. Then I found a tree falling on me.


Did you find the furry fandom outside, then?
I guess like all you guys have in Victoria is cities and the ocean.
Did you find the furry fandom in a city and/or ocean?