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Strangest thing you've purchased recently?


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I figured this would be an interesting, yet also probably disturbing (knowing furries) idea for a thread.

So what's the strangest thing you've bought recently?

I bought a machete at a gun show last weekend.


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Because you didn't have enough money/fake identification for a gun?

Eh, I bought an external harddrive. Whoopie Bronzeberg


I haven't really bought much in the way of weird recently, so by default it'd have to be a block of chocolate CalorieMate at an anime convention a couple weeks ago. Actually took quite a liking to it when I tried it last year at the same convention. Just wish it weren't so expensive. (Other things purchased at the same convention: A figure of The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 and a cellphone strap with a charm shaped like the Foxhound logo from the first MGS.)


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Sorry, but I buy stuff that's practical.


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Woah, HK is back, probably really late in noticing.

Strangest thing I bought so far would be a pencil that uses rectangular lead.

Strangest thing I'm wanting to purchase in the future: all-brass paintball gun from 1985


Bought recently-ish: A book. The Redwall novel "The Sable Quean".

Strangest thing bought: Loon plushy as a souvenir when I was up in Canada (well, Victoria B.C.). They had stuffed-animal-in-a-can (probably a gopher), but I couldn't pass up the loon. As soon as I came home, it took up residence on top of my bookshelf. Cute little thing that I could just pet. Now I have a couple wolf statue figurines that are all rough to the touch.

Strangest thing I would buy if nothing was an issue: I'd probably buy audiobooks or animal plushies, or get me a malamute for a pet.

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Nothing, just books for class.


A wind up sushi toy...it is so damn cute, you wind it up like a toy car and it scuttles accross the floor =^.^=


A low-profile Px4 holster. Which will come in handy if I ever get off my ass and put in the paperwork for my conceal and carry.


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I got my self some “Green stuff” the other day and no it isn’t weed, it’s a two part, modelling clay one part is yellow and the other blue once mixed it turns green, so you know its ready to use.


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I haven't bought it yet, but I'm looking for a cassette tape player, preferrably of the "boom box" variety. This is because I recently re-discovered my old tape collection. Some of those tapes are closing in on 30 years old, and most of them appear to be in playable condition.

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A miniature severed hand, severed foot and severed ear... well, technically, I didn't buy them, I won some games at an arcade a friend of mine took me to, and "cashed" the tickets in on these items (along with some candy).


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im flat broke this month so i didnt really buy anything...
i had to pay 700€ as semester fees though. so lets say i bought a semester :p


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