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Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.


Probably a bathtub. Granted it was just a quick nap because I dozed off while bathing, not because I was black-out drunk.


I slept during a video call at my computer by accident. Fortunately the other person was respectable enough to hang up immediately and completely understood the next day.
The weirdest place I've ever slept is either one of three things.
-On the girl I liked's bed. I didn't even sleep or plan on sleeping with her. I just randomly fell asleep. O_O
-Outside my apartment complex's computer lab in the rain. (I don't even know.)
-On top of a dryer in the laundry room. I was an incredibly-tiny-for-my-age, little kid and wanted both a break from my mommy and to be some place warm.


Soaked In Sin
I fell asleep- on the hill at the park (was enjoying the midday sun and laying on the grass), at the beach (that one's not so weird since lots of people do it, but it is weird to sleep for 3 hours in the middle of the day for me), on top of the billiards table that used to be in my basement (I don't know about this one, I just kind of woke up on it once), my sister's car (it's only weird because she abruptly changes lanes and that usually startles me if I start falling asleep), and in my backyard, under my bike (I have no clue on this one either).


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When I was working at a lab, I ganked some chloroform and huffed it on the way home. I must have passed out on the sidewalk because I remember getting up and two little black girls running away from me terrified >.>


Squeezing the Charmin
In the back of a swat truck. "SWAT Truck" is too glorified; it was an old ambulance retrofitted with two benches in the back and re-painted black; because, you know, "paint it black and call it SWAT" and the cops will love it. What had started as a search warrant on one house at 5am turned into another at noon based on information from the first one; to another at 4pm to another at 10pm to another... and so on, for 28 hours. After the last one I fell asleep on one of the benches for about 20 minutes.

Other than that... on the to shelf of a closet. The house I grew up in was built in the early '70s and the closet shelves were solid wood and fairly sturdy. I was a small kid, and liked to climb the shelves up to the top shelf; there wasn't much of a gap between the top shelf and the top of the doorframe, but there was enough space for a small kid to sit hunched over in. Fell asleep on the top shelf of the downstairs hall bath linen closet and missed dinner.


Bark! Bark!!
I have taken a nap on the catwalks above the stage I used to work for. I was awake for about 36 hours and I showed up a few hours early to do some light programing. I finished up with an hour to spare before the rest of the crew and cast were supposed to show up. I decided to take a nap on the main catwalk that had all of the front stage lights on it because it was quiet and warm up there.


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City Bus, almost missed my stop too but thankfully the bus driver woke me up.
One of the practice rooms at my high school's band hall (honestly not that strange), the cafeteria floor during a speech and debate tournament, and on a NYC subway car in the mid-afternoon.
I fell asleep in a lab, in a cinema, in a theater, a bus, a rocking chair in one of my friend's houses while there was a party, and in libraries(I always fall asleep in them if I ever go to them. They're quiet enough and have comfy seats, so why not use them as a resting stop?).


Sophisticated Snake
In a office's computer room at 2 in the morning. Mom took me to her work, and I stayed there with nothing to do all day, and I ended up sleeping in virtually every room. I got kicked out of multiple rooms multiple times. I used a carpet for a blanket. Fun times.


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A concrete pathway in between an inground pool and jacuzzi when I was 10, with a beach towel as a blanket and a spa pillow. Good times.


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In my laundry bin. It was laundry day you see, and I was extremely tired. After emptying my clothes out, I just kind of fell in and passed out.


I once fell asleep standing up, leaning against a wall waiting for class. Sleep deprivation's a bitch.