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Streaming! Drop your refs here or drop by!


4-tailed kitsune
I am looking. It's not going currently. When does this start/end?


4-tailed kitsune
Oh I misread that as I'll start and will finish up with dinner. ;p okay. Well not sure if I"ll be up then but will maybe see you.

Barley the Slothbat

glow-in-the-dark manokit
manokit.png will this work?


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4-tailed kitsune


Werewolf a Tophat

zyther kaldrok

the strange hyena
Body color- red and black with white spots
Body type- thin yet muscular
Eye color- red right eye and green left eye
personality_gruzzled veteran turned biker
Clothing-sleeveless biker jacket with fingerless gloves
Tattoos_snake tattoo going down his neck
Extras-chipped ears and scar going down from his right eye to his chin
position-leaning with no pants licking his lips
hairstyle and color- red and white mullet
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