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Would it be possible to create an alternate upload section specifically for users posting streaming submissions? With increasing frequency dozens of submissions a day being uploaded and taken down and more often than not, submissions advertising livestreams that stay up for days clogging up the submission folder. At least 63 stream submissions just in the last 17 hours that can be found searching "stream" and many of those are still up despite being over 14 hours old when that artist is obviously no longer online. It's an idea that worked in a way to show that the extra category could be beneficial but currently also serves to clog up the site when handled as a submission.

We have journals, comments and notes separately notified, would an extra notification page just for stream submissions with an opt-out feature be possible? One extra stream notification category that can be turned on or off via account management or at least nuked as one separate section.

Possibly include a section on the front page underneath the writing or craft section where people can peruse artists that are currently livestreaming. Basically anything to get rid of the enormous amount of repetitive uploads and deletions about artists streaming.