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Street Fighter V

Alastair Snowpaw

The Skull Paw
What I hate in 5 is the hitstop that looks like Street Fighter X Tekken, it makes me feel like the game freezes every time a hit connects. Also the fact they removed close/far mechanic in high punch/high kick and removed cheap damage kinda bothers me too.

I didn't know that but i'm really glad they removed the Close/Far thing, it is not a thing i like in fighting games. That being said i haven't payed much attention to SF5 since it's not of the fighting game series i like the most.


mark ass trick
Was anyone really asking for another street fighter game. The controls are so clunky in IV that I can hardly stand to play it. I used to love street fighter but the fourth one makes me wonder if they were even trying. I only got nightmares when I heard they were making a fifth.

It kinda seems like defiling a corpse to me.
Lol wake up nerd, the community is booming and SFIV was considered the tournament standard.