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Street Fighter V


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Yup,Street Fighter V might be called the worst fighting game in 2016,but it had a rough start.Capcom released it just so they can use the game for EVO 2016.Now it has a lot of decent content this year.It had a 2016 season pass DLC roster,which included Alex,Guile,Ibuki,Balrog,Juri,and Urien.This year,the DLC roster for the 2017 season pass has Akuma and Kolin right now,but 4 others are coming soon.We don't know who these characters are,but Capcom said that they'll be new to the Street Fighter universe.Only one character in this roster is a guest star.Let's hope for the best,I guess.BTW,people say that the online mode is just garbage. (I don't fuckin know) and Capcom took 4 months to have an actual story mode.... o3o (seriously,Capcom...what the fuck???)