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Stripes Fox


Form of a.. College Nerd!
Name: Stripes Fox
Age: 21
Height:5' 8"


-Hair and Fur:Dark blonde Fur, Light brown hair
-Markings: White stripes across body, legs, tail, arms head and ears, tips of ears and tail are white
-Eye Color: Blue
-Behavior/Personality: Funny, shy, intelligent, hyper at some times yet calm and timid when really happy

Skills: tech stuff/electronics, Video games, Drawing, smart ;)
Weaknesses: Soda, beer, cute guy or girl (whichever is nicer),serious sucker for compliments and attention big time.

Likes: Cute guy or girl that's into tech/electronics, anime, video games, Rock music, drawing, yiff / furry art, furry webcomics, attention, learning new things.
Dislikes:People who only want sex from you, loud noises, religous zealots who push their belief in your face and want to change you, people who act dumb yet can do so much more, smokers, big crowds.

History: Only given to people i really trust

Blue shirt, blue jeans, wristband on left wrist, scarf
Picture: see avatar

Goal:have fun in life, enjoy the friends i make and the loves i have
Profession:Student, Artist and whatever job i have atm
Personal quote:Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds - Albert Einstein
Theme song:Animal i have become- three days grace
Birthdate:Same as my birthday october 18
Star sign:IDK i don't follow those things

Favorite food:
Steak or Fish im not picky
Favorite drink:Dr. Dew (made it myself, its one half Mt. Dew one half Dr. Pepper)
Favorite location:Oregon wilderness
Favorite weather:
Cold and rainy
Favorite color:Blue

Least liked food:
Least liked drink: vegetable juice, blech :p
Least liked location:Desert
Least liked weather:Hot

Favorite person:Albert Einstein / Stephen Hawking / Nikola Tesla(i think that's how you spell it)
Least liked person:My old church's pastor, the bi/gay hate monger (same person, was his personal goal to wipe our town of all gays or bi people)
Friends:Anyone who treats me nice and who i can do the same for without them wanting more
Relations:None atm
Enemies:Meh i forget my enemies, life isn't about having enemies
Significant other:that's my secret ;)
Orientation: Bisexual
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