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Stuck, don't know what I need to improve


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So for the past few weeks, whenever I draw something I feel like something about it is off, but I don't know what. I was hoping that I could get some advice on what I need to improve.
(my art) https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cheeber/

You'll have to forgive me for the short post, but I don't know what else to say. Thank you for your time!


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Do you have a direction or goal you're working towards? Knowing this would help us be able to point you in the direction a little easier.

The thing that first pops into my head when I look at your gallery is the inconsistency. It's not bad, you definitely got style, but at times one piece looks more complete than the other, if that makes sense. Some pieces look soft, but then have sharp, pixeled edges or outlines, and then others look unfinished (at least when you compare it to other works).

The colors are typically pastelly/'washed out' so seeing a lot of white space makes it feel 'blah' to me.

Overall I think your stuff is good! Your anatomy is pretty good but could be improved upon as you continue to draw (like hands and feet, but I don't think they ever get easy T_T). I think a lot of it though, will just have to come with time, as you explore and experiment with your style.


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i think it lies in the posing. could be the boxy bodies or head angles. I noticed you have some default head angles. sometimes breaking up the shapes creates more interesting pieces. ( legs apart / twisted hips / open jaw, etc) you can try adding more contrast / dynamic poses.


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As far as anatomy, your characters appear to be kind of chibi-style- they seem to be average about 4 or 5 heads tall instead of the standard 7-8 tall. If that's a stylistic choice, that's perfectly fine. It does give them a squat appearance and that might not work with the semi-realistic style you're going for.

Some of the shading seems like it could use a little more, specifically light shading. You've done a pretty good job of applying dark shade, but I think it looks unfinished without some counter brightness to it. A number of your pieces feel backlit, as well, which makes them feel a little murky overall.

On a positive note, I think you do a good job with your characters' faces and heads, they have good proportion and detail. Maybe the rest of their bodies needs some adjustment to match them?


Do you use references when painting? They are a lifesaver!
And as a tip for a longer time period, I would suggest studying art fundamentals. You have a lot of good stuff going on already, and knowledge would benefit you (or anyone else for that matter) even more! Sycra has made a great video breaking down the different topics if you want to check it out.


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Thank you so much all for the advice! Now that you all have said it, I certainly can see what I need to improve and practice. Again, sorry for the very short response, but really, I am extremely thankful you all gave me specific advice!