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Stuck in Dev(Hell)opment - A webcomic about learning to draw (as drawn by someone who is learning to draw)


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Hello all! I've recently started creating a weekly webcomic called Stuck in Dev(Hell)opment as a method of bettering my comic-art and documenting my progression. The idea of the series is that an amateur artist wants to create a sci-fi graphic novel one day, but his under-developed artistic skills, the lack of any kind of fourth-wall, and an uncooperative (but very fluffy) protagonist are making it...difficult.

Sample 2.jpg
Sample 3.jpg
Sample 1.jpg

It's basically an extended, behind-the-scenes look at me working towards a more refined comic in the future.

If that sounds like fun to you, check it out at the following home bases:



Feel free to reach out on Twitter too! Feedback is always appreciated and welcome!
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I like it! The surreal comedy and meta nature are pretty cool and not too common in furry comics.

I'll keep an eye on this.


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ooo I love this, definetly going to follow! What a fun idea :D As an artist myself, Im sure I´ll recognize many many situations that the artist has to face xDD