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Really need some money to help pay bills and such this month, as money is insanely tight.
backrooms ych ad.png


- $85USD Flat price
- PayPal or CashApp ONLY
- NO holds/e-checks, please have money ready upon claiming
- Flat colors
- 1 slot
- Quick turnaround time
- Comes with classic backrooms background

To claim please message me here or on Telegram (You can find my Telegram on my profile, it's quicker that way as I have Telegram on my phone) or comment below with questions and such!!
Any takers are appreciated, thank you so much!
FA Post: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48040310/

View my portfolio and other works on my FA (Linked above) or art instagram: http://instagram.com/hxneybeedoodles