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Stuff you have learned from video games.

Games arent just for playing, they can even be used for learning!
In my experience, i was just bored and wanted something new to play, so, i satarted playing NHL09 even tho i wasnt a hockey fan.
And during all the time i played it i started to understand the rules and even became a bigger fan of hockey!

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
I learned that life would be better if music played when you are being attacked by something.


smell-good badger
I learned that you must never take somebody's sandvich
also, mushrooms make you jump high and flowers make you shoot fire from your hands


Play from your ****ing HEART
I've learned that suffering an injury only decreases your health points, not your mobility or ease of function in any way.


I live, I die, I live again
I learned that the desert eagle is the best handgun ever made ever and that if you get shot all you need to do is sit behind cover until you magically heal in about 5 seconds. However if you do get shot enough to die, it doesn't matter because you just respawn anyways.


Love is the message
I learned that listing the stuff you own as if it was the inventory of an RPG makes you look nerdy.


I live, I die, I live again
I've learned that a pistol is as good as a sniper's rifle as long as your target is more than one pixel wide
Also remember that there is little to no downside of picking up another handgun while you're at it. You get twice as many bullets and you barely lose any accuracy!


You boss will flash red and explode if you kill him.

Everything has a weak point. Everything.

Some people can get away with a lot of screw ups it seems, but if you screw up you get your ass handed to you.
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Random herbs you find lying around will heal any wound

Holy crap, Timmy just got mauled by a mutant tiger zombie thing.
Great, now Jimmy's dead and covered with oregano.


Hamburger time.
I learned that it's incredibly healthy to eat chicken from the garbage.


Well-Known Member
Smash EVERY container/vessel/box/crate you can find. There will almost always be something useful in them, and nobody will care that you're wrecking their shit.

ALSO: DO NOT abuse the chickens. If you do, may God have mercy on your soul.

ADD: If you're a bad enough shot, dogs will make fun of you.

If you shoot a chair enough with a gun, it will explode.

Your enemies will always either be a deadly professional killer that could kill you easily, or an inept anonymous dumbass that can't do shit, but somehow was promoted to guard duty.

Commanding little animals to fight is fun! Send your 10 year-old out on his own to pursue this enriching hobby!
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That your princess is always in another castle.

Also, multitasking, the ability to take criticism (as in your game failures) and improve upon it, the value of patience, the ability to value the little things and not just take it for granted and most definitely, the importance of teamwork and communication.

And sometimes new languages.


Eating a mushrooms will make you feel higher
Jumping in front of a door or shooting it will not make it open any faster.
Mowing the lawn is a good way to earn money.
If you go inside room and the doors lock/bar/shut/catch on fire behind you, you're screwed.
There is a right way, and there is a fun way to play the game.
Sometimes it's easier to jump off a cliff than to get back all the way back to where you were earlier.
If you can't solve a problem logically, sometimes a big fucking gun can help.
Games call them glitches. Real life calls them miracles.
Press R or Z twice to DO A BARREL ROLL
Don't die in a cutscene, cause items that normally could fix it evidently don't work there.
Luck is the residue of MAD SKILLZ
You always know that somewhere, somehow, a 10 year old with no life can beat whatever you just did or already has.


Hamburger time.


that are created simply to make pathetic people feel better...
Entailment that comes from a paying source is fake


Hamburger time.
No, those are Delicious Fruit.
Deliciously deadly, nonetheless.

Also you can fit hundreds of pounds of items of various sizes in your pocket.

And that a man is a miserable little pile of secrets.
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