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Style Comparison/Critique

Ziggy Schlacht

Hasn't figured out this "straight" business
I vary between 4 different styles in my art. Looking to get some opinions on which comes off that most interesting. And feedback in general.



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My fave is 2. Next fave is 3.

2 when you want bold comic art style, crisp lines and colors.

3 when you want a softer, more realistic natural style, more textures and shadows.

1. Just a sketch, colorless, not as much life.

4. Without crisp lines, it looks blurry, like an out of focus photo!

But actually, a combo of 2 and 3 would be my preference! I like the flat solid color of the fur in 2, but prefer the shading of the shadows, and the details of the wall, window scene, and shirt in 3!