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Subby or Dom?

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92% sub, 8% dom. Everyone has there moments.
Quite zee Sub (oh gawd meatball marinara *drool), but for the right person in the right situation... >.> Meh i'd still have a hard time completly dommin' the guy.
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Typically dominate, always a top. Socially and in ah....extraciriculare activities.

Willing to switch for the right person, occasionally.


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I'm polar opposite.

Socially: Dominant, usually. About 10% of the time I'm sub.

Sexually: Sub 100000%


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Socially... I'm totally dominant and tend to keep it that way.
Interpersonally... I would LIKE to see someone be as dominant with their ideas as I can be.
Sexually... I like to take my dominance, clash it with someone else's dominance... And see who submits first. (^_^)
Oh fine, serious answer:

Socially, dominant. Love being the center of attention, running the conversations, being loud, etc.

Sexually, I don't know. Neither really appeals to me over the other, so I guess it'd depend on my partner and what they want.


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Oh I'm a sub in sexual situations. Nothing better then a cute girl tieing you up and having her way with ya. ^-^;;


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I have no idea bout the sexual thingy, but I'm quite dominance in social.
well...i can be both
it depends alot


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Me, Im just a horney wolf all the time. So if the sex is good, who cares if im sub or dom.

In real life however, I am every bit an alpha. In my business and society dealings. I once worked for AOL as a supervisor, in our training classes we were to work as teams. I gave the team about 5 minutes to totally F up a situation then I took over and got it done.

Yea I'm an ass. I just cant stand incompentence or however you spell it.


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I once had the most domineering personality you've ever seen. Even for a 6 year old.

Then came Grade One.

Kids are so cruel. >:

Awwwwwww, this is new news to me :O

Not that kids are cruel, the other part...

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No, However I don't believe you can be that dominant. You have to be a control freak or something.

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