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Submission category addition to allow ych reminders ect.

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So currently it's against FA rules to post things like YCH reminder submissions and such.

There's a twofold solution that while I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, I thought would be a good one to allow people to post these things.

firstly, add a new submission category in with the existing 'art', 'flash', 'music', ect ones. This would be especially for submitting things like YCH, raffle, give away reminders, ect.

secondly, make it possible for users to hide certain categories they dont wish to see. for example, make it so a user can filter out all content from the flash category, or the writing category, and so on.

Lets face it people still post them anyway, with this, they'd still show up on the front page (which is the main reason people post them, to attract new potential bidders, which journals dont do) and it would cut down the number of submissions staff might have to remove ect.


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