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Submission Problem: "Submit" does not work in Chrome: load, load then blank error page


Today, I tried to submit a drawing to my gallery. I tried several times, but each time, it took abnormally long times to load, and then it took me to a blank error page telling me there was no connection or something like that.

I tried it again in Firefox: while it still takes an unusual long time, this time it took me to the "finalize submission" page.

Does anyone know what is the issue I am encountering? Thank you.


If it's showing a blank page with the term "no connection" or something along those lines, that sounds like the browser is not connecting to the website.
Which in turn means your computer is not getting an optimal connection to the internet.

Can you post the following

Download/Upload speed
Error page; Chrome's own browser based one, or a custom FA error message
Device type (desktop/mobile/laptop etc)
Wifi or Wired connection

If possible can you include a screenshot of the error message?
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