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Suggested reading for a starter drawer?

Dr. Franken-Fox

"it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!"
Hello arty furs, I reach out to you today because I'm in need of some suggestions.

For a long time now I've been meaning to get into drawing anthros but I can't for the life of me figure out where to start, while I've already been pointed to some very helpful templates and tutorials by some of you kind folk (you people know who you are), what I really need to get my motivation going is a book that'll guide me through the whole process.

What I'm looking for is something that'll provide step-by-step examples which I can follow and replicate easily, covering multiple disciplines/areas such as proportions, facial structure, shading, texture etc. For now I'm only really interested in getting to grips with traditional drawing mediums since I know they largely serve as the foundation and many of the principles carry over into digital art.

I'm not looking for books on how to draw anthros specifically, since I'm aware that it's important to become familiar with the human form first and many of the books specifically tailored to drawing furs assume the reader already has a certain level of competency in those disciplines, something which I admittedly don't have.

So yeah, any suggestions for entry level drawing books that cover all of the key disciplines that carry over into drawing anthros will be hugely appreciated. And where better to ask than here, since I know all you seasoned artists had to start somewhere right?


Art Birby
Id suggest Proko on youtube. If you go there or to his site there should be an option to watch his free videos in order starting with the supplies he uses, different ways to hold a pencil and then to drawing guides like gesture, proportions, shading, etc. Ive found that book illustrations are good to study but when you start out actually seeing how someone draws is really valuable.


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I'd give this a listen. It isn't a how-two for drawing, but there's a ton of great advice in this for starting out in art and drawing. This guy has a ton of other great podcasts to listen to. Other bits of advice, interviews with artists. Man vs. Art