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Le Chat Nécro

most thugged-out dope hoe
So imo, there are too many individual discord advertising threads on these forums. It's overwhelming, unhelpful, and gunks up the new post feed. Since discord seems to only be growing more and more in popularity, I suggest a stickied thread that acts as a directory for all discord servers either pertaining to the fandom or run by fandom members. Basically, people could post a little blurb about their server in the thread (name, purpose, age appropriateness, etc), and then it would be added to the OP. Maybe something like this:

CoolNameServer ran by username1: this is a server for people interested in roleplay and cooking. we have threads for everything from macro to macaroni! 18+ only plz [link]

InterestingSoundingServer ran by username2: discord focused on furries, gaming, and the intersection of the two. rules against console warring and political debate. PG 13 [link]

and so on. People could also post about servers dying/links not working/etc. I'm thinking an alphabetical list, but if we want to get really wild and crazy we can sort them by primary interest like Gaming, Roleplay, Chat, Generalist etc.

I'm a discord newb (haven't even joined a server yet), so I'm not sure I'm the one to do this, but god if I don't like organization and I'd be down to come up with a sorting scheme if this pans out.