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Suggestion: User filter


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We could have a system where everyone puts a list of what fetish they are into and also allows users to filter all the users who are into x fetish that they really dont want to see or be contacted by those into said fetish. You wouldnt be able to see any post or art posted by filtered users.

I know this is a rather extreme kind of filter but ive had too many bad surprises of following someone thinking they where not into some fetish that is bad for me to be around (i have ptsd) only for them to suddenly post lot if it. It would make the site a better place for those like me who are more sensible to some themes and wish to stay away from anyone into these.


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I am going to start out by saying this is not a likely feature to be implemented. So please don't take my questions as indication that this is being worked on.

Working on the reasonable assumption that most artists want their art reaching as many users as possible, what would the positive effects be of filling this kink list out? If all the list is used for is to hide your work from people, there's absolutely no incentive to do so.

I can say I'd personally not be keen on a filter system that hides my work from potential viewers based on my sexual interests, particularly since I don't wear most of these interests on my sleeve. I understand some of why you might not want to interact with people who have interests that you find traumatic, but at the same time them having that interest does not in any way guarantee interacting with them will ever expose you to it. So I'd like to hear a bit more about your reasoning for how this would improve the site.

(I'll also note that someone being into something and posting content featuring that thing are two different things - I've drawn and posted plenty of things that I'm not personally into, because to me art is art and trying new things in art is a stimulating challenge, even when I personally don't "get" the kink involved at all.)


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The kink list could be used for some sort of user search to find those with similar interests.

I kinda envy how open and flexible you can be about others fetish enven if you dont like it but sadly my mind isnt even with me trying for years not to be affected.
Sadly its just too much for me even if its just an experiment or that your not really into it. The reason i would like such a filter is that it would allow me and others in a similar situation like mine to be more open about using FA. The way things are right now is making it really hard for me to find those who are into the same things without being also in the stuff i just cant deal with.

Another way of seeing it is that it would help prevent users to have to deal with those who just cant deal with some of their kinks.


There is actually a website which lists out fetishes and there are some furs who use it. I would recommend you track it down and use that to show your kinks and interests.
I believe it to be called f-list.


This is a wonderful idea. FA only has a SFW/NSFW toggle and it seems the admins don't understand that because some of us click yes to nudity and regular sex, doesn't mean we want to see page upon page of gaping anal prolapses and scat fetishes. Please let us blacklist tags and categories.

I don't think a "kink list" is a good idea. Remember that even though it is strange, FA does let users as young as 13 sign up on SFW mode. So a general "Blacklist" is a lot better than a kink list - if you're looking for a kink list that exists offsite.

But I like the idea of somehow tagging your profile with things you don't want to be involved in. I was randomly asked to draw digestion and scat recently, by someone random. It was just one time so far and I managed to tell them no. However they were pushy and didn't seem to understand boundaries so it took many notes back and forth of me trying to explain that no means no. Of course, it's their fault for thinking it's acceptable to ask a stranger this when I don't have anything about those fetishes on my profile, but some people can't be changed so a blacklist or filter could prevent this.


A blacklist is a commonly requested feature and one that is (as far as I know) being worked on, but it will take time.


does this work
i dont think this should be added since it could ruin the reputation of FA, since most furries dont like the sexual side or just ignore it, but if it comes to their favorite forum then they cant.


I feel like blocking things based on keywords/tags would be a lot better system then having each user fill out a personal kink list and blocking by user.

Ideally you could just block the thing you don't want to see, for example "scat", and then have all artworks with that keyword/tag be hidden from you, even if a watched artist posted it. That way you don't have to drop a favored artist to avoid potentially upsetting material.

That said, this system would rely on people tagging things correctly, which they already seem to have a problem with just doing SFW vs NSFW. But, the fetish list user filter falls into that same issue as quoting_mungo pointed out.


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Ideally, FA should hire a group of professional psychologists and therapists, who can help people learn to deal with their fears, and not dwell on things they are unconformable with, and learn to move past them.

But joking aside, even though there's things I see that may make me uncomfortable, I just move along to things I like, and have learned not to be bothered by them. Personally, I find things like movies such as the Saw series disgusting, but that's just me; I have friends who like them, but just because they may be into gore, and I am not, doesn't mean I'd want to block any and all interaction from people, simply based on a matter of what we may or may not like.

I've seen SO many threads asking for tighter and tighter filters, as if seeing certain things is going to somehow cause this or that irreplaceable damage, curl spines, and lead to insanity and rabies. And yet, I've seen no real signs that some pandemic of 'damage' has gone on as a result.

The issue lies more in learning how to roll with the punches, and deal with things you don't like, and focus on the things you do enjoy. I don't mean to sound overly insensitive, here, but its a tough world out there, and weather on a furry site or TV or reality itself, it's not gonna have a custom filter, fine tuned to each and everyone's crotchets and proclivities. I can understand that some things make people uncomfortable; for me, it's violence, and gore; but to expect to somehow live in a world without this, fictional or otherwise is not realistic: Instead, I've learned to move on to what I find joy in.
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Even if I slightly disagree with how the initial post was presented, I do somewhat support the idea of something similar to this.

The reason being, that I am familiar with another artist website aimed at furries (not naming it except for in PM because I dunno how these policies work), and they have a "blacklist" function that is really simple, and practical. You basically type in whatever you want in the text box, apply, and boom, you will not see any submissions with that word in tags, and I think even titles and submission description. For example if I put in "apple" in blacklist, I will not see any drawings tagged with "apple", they are non visible.

In my own opinion, I think this is very neat. I am not using it as any "safe space" tool, on the contrary I mostly just wanna discover new art and artists I may find interesting, and this blacklist function helps shoving aside things I know I do not find interesting at all, that mostly serve as mild obstacles.

Basically I think it is a neat and practical tool, and for such a big website as FA I don't think missing a very occasional submission would have any negative consequences.


I know which website you are talking about, and I know that feature well.
Yes FA could benefit from a blacklist as I mentioned above, but it is in the works and will take time.