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Suggestions For Browsing and Categorization Improvements

As it is, FA's browsing system is functional but not very convenient when it comes to being specific with what you want to see and what you want to filter out. While the search feature somewhat makes up for this, it lacks a lot of functionality such as being able to search for gender, category and theme/type (explained in more depth in this topic.) Even then, though, browsing can be more convenient than searching, and here are some suggestions that would make it even moreso.

Note: for readability and consistency, the browsing option boxes of category, type, species, and gender will collectively be referred to as "parameters" while the individual options within these parameters will all be referred to as "criteria". If there are proper/better names for these terms please let me know and I'll replace them.

Suggestion 1: Let users distinguish between showing all criteria and uncategorized criteria when browsing.
Currently, there is no possible way to browse only submissions that don't have a specific criteria in their category, type, species, or gender. This can be cumbersome when one is looking for a specific submission or submissions that they know or feel aren't categorized, as unlike submissions which are given specific criteria, there is no way to view these uncategorized submissions exclusively.

I propose that the default option for each parameter be a straightforward "All", which displays submissions without filtering that criteria, with an option right underneath it called something like "Any" or "Unsorted", which will show only submissions that aren't categorized under that parameter.
Suggestion 2: Add an "Exclude" option next to each parameter.
Sometimes it would be very convenient to browse for submissions of all criteria except for a certain given one.

I propose that a checkbox be added next to each parameter to make it so that browsing filters the chosen criteria out rather than in. If one wanted to be more specific and filter in/out multiple criteria, they could use the search feature (assuming the ability to filter searches by the same parameters as browsing is implemented).
Suggestion 3: Add an (optional) second parameter for category/type/species/gender.
Few submissions can be considered to only fit in just one category or type, and the "Multiple characters" criteria for the gender parameter is just confusing. While being able to select any number of criteria from any parameter would be something better handled by the search function, I believe that having a second parameter for submissions themselves would give more flexibility without making things too complicated.

I propose that there be an optional secondary parameter for category, type, species and gender for the user to choose when submitting, and for users to be able to browse for them as well. Suggestion 2 would help make this feature even more useful, as you could either browse for two criteria at a time, browse for one while excluding the other, or exclude both.
Suggestion 4: Require users to choose parameters when uploading.
Let me clarify first that I don't mean remove the "All" or "Unspecified" category altogether, simply that when submitting artwork, the user must explicitly choose it or something else from the dropdown menu. This would make the parameters act like the maturity rating, where the user will not be allowed to finalize the submission until they've chosen something--even if it's to have it uncategorized.

This is largely a personal preference/bias from me, as I find it annoying when uncategorized submissions would clearly fit some criteria, and from what I can tell, it largely comes from users being too hasty/lazy to choose them when submitting. I believe that requiring users to look at and choose each parameter will encourage them to categorize it properly, and thus there'd be more properly categorized submissions as a whole.​

I believe that these tweaks and features would make browsing a lot more convenient for the user and make more artist's submissions about to be found and stumbled upon. I hope they are taken into consideration for future site updates.