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Suggestions on a new sona? (or tell me about yours!)


I'm kind of wondering if I should make a new sona...I feel like the two characters I mostly draw here -one of them is my icon- are sort of like mascots maybe? like the main faces of my account? But none of them would really represent me.

So I'm wondering about options and I'd love to hear any suggestions and/or how you decided to chose your own c: sort of like "I chose this species because the shape, usual animal personality etc" to see what kind of things I could take from myself to use?
The only things I can freely and talk chill about is I'm a little chubby, shy at first but once I get used to people I'm pretty sociable even if introvert. I also love to hug people. Like really, I'm very friendly and huggable. And soft. I rarely get angry ok. I like science, art, music, writing, anything that involves crafting, I'm not a fan of bugs. I don't know what else to say aah

Also I love less known animals and discovering new species I hadn't seen before so go wild if you want to suggest your favorite animal who only a few people know! and I also enjoy mythological creatures, they are fun.

That said like, any suggestions? I'm a bit lost on what animal I could use...there's so many
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Hmm, hard to really recommend without knowing more about you. On the basis of your friendly huggableness and interest in mythical animals I might suggest a tanuki. They are a real animal, otherwise known as a raccoon dog, but have a place in Japanese folklore as playful shapeshifters


Oh gosh that's an amazing suggestion!!! I kind of keep thinking of the mythological tanukis and kind of missing they are real balls of fluff. I thought they were kind of not so friendly though I might be confusing them with some other animal mayhaps?
Thanks a lot for the idea :D

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Well i for one have a LOT of characters. Species wise, well that's a variety. I've got humans, wolves, Phoenix, feral, hybrids, a nonexistent/not specific species, cheetah, felines, pokemon, mouse, foxxos, dragons, custom species etc.

My main character/sona is Blue, my pfp, one of the Phoenix. Originally my main was going to be a wolf, but that became a different character for a few reasons. One, was to be more unique because lets be honest there's a million wolves. Secondly, i love Phoenix and dragons and fantasy, but dragons are also common, so why not go with a pheonix? The name is just blue, not very original i know.. but i do have lots of original names too.. i have names from Blue and Fang to Sha'unt'hai vixye and valerius.. each character has a different personality and traits. Blue is very adventurous, Fang is very closed off, sha'unt'hai is very scientific and a thinker, and vixye is giggly cute and playful.

As for Blue, well my love of fantasy definitely helped shaped him. An adventurer, kind and helpful. Sometimes getting himself into trouble by doing things he couldn't or shouldn't do..


Thanks for sharing your story with your characters/sonas : ) ! it's always fun to have several characters and I really get that with the deciding some other species because one you like is already very common/usual