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Suggestions on How Much to Save Up?


Hey there! Was looking to potentially go to a convention or two in '19 or '20, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how much to save up. Was already looking @ 500$ as bare minimum, considering transportation, food stuffs and cost of badge n hotel room. Wouldn't be surprised if the recommendation's like,.. 800$ or something. I don't spend a lot at conventions involving items, I'm more so there for the socialization! Not really one for panels for the most part, either, so anything regarding those don't matter much. Would understand if I should consider them for budget tho! Aaaa btw, specifically looking for how much I should save up if I'm not splitting costs and etc for stuff, just in case I can't find a roomie and what not.

I've gone to anime conventions before (I think 7 times so far?) so I've got experience with that, tho @ most I've had to save up 200$ for those. Not to mention they were local. Don't know abt fur ones, though! Any recommendations for conventions within the USA are also rlly appreciated!

Aaaa sorry for asking so much stuff on the forms lately in general ;;;

edit: to clarify my area btw, I'm in Texas! idk if that helps!