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Summer heat and misery discussion thread



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Not really summer heat but more summer misery in the Ozark Plateau area. Why has it rained so much around here? We can barely go two days without rain, and then it's very cloudy and all bodies of water are too cold of swim in. This kind of weather was supposed to be left in spring. :( But, when it is sunny, it is SO nice.


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Today's my day off and I had to go to the UPS store to return something as well as pick up some more windshield washer fluid and I'm in and out in like 2 minutes and my car is like a hell pod. It's currently 98 here where I am in Pennsylvania with a heat index of 107...


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I love the summer heat! I work outside all day and the heat makes me feel good.

i start shivering at like... 65 degrees

Nope nope nope. Can’t stand the heat. I’m ready for winter!

At least in winter I can layer up and stay warm, but in summer I can get naked and I’d still be miserably hot.


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Heat index in MD is supposed to hit up to 110°F this Saturday.

Maryland weather, everyone!


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Heat index in MD is supposed to hit up to 110°F this Saturday.

Maryland weather, everyone!

Yep, gonna be Artscape here in Baltimore, and up here, in Bolton Hill. But it's kinda leafy here, Bolton Hill.


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It's so hot feels like Satan is tea bagging the whole South.​

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Just checked and I'll be getting the storms tomorrow, but nearly the same (28C) with the freaky sunshine on Tuesday.
Storms will keep the heat down, but the tradeoff is being rained on and struck by lightning.

Or even hail if gets severe enough.