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Summer heat and misery discussion thread

Boris Johnson is in charge of the bombs now, so it could conceivably happen by accident. :]
I have a plan, but it involves a large quantity of helium and red balloons, as well as sneaking into a NATO opposed country.


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this doesnt beat -13F with -40 gusts.

If Florida wasnt such a shitty state, Id be there.


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Today has been good with 63° but the last couple of days pushed in the high 90s with 80-90% humidity and I have no AC so it was torture. I stewed for 2 days. Work was my only relief


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Well, summer is winding own, here in the northern Hemisphere! Looks another heat wave is going to sweep Europe, but it's finally cooled off here, for the first time in months...

It dropped some 30 degrees in one day; was about 96f at this time yesterday, and is about 66f now, and a light rain. Feels wonderful, and some very pretty to watch, explosive thunderstorms ushered in the change.

And soon, those days of feeling faint from heat in the city will be over, once again : )
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Tell that to California. Wildfire season has started...

And so it starts again....
Truly though I remember my teacher last year walking into class in tears and just sobbing because her brother's home was burned to the ground. Nothing left at all, they just had a baby. Parts of my city were evacuated and school was dismissed for a few days because of the awful air quality and potential houses burning down. The local community center/park set up an evacuation shelter for those who were in immediate danger of the fire.
You never really understand how devastating it is until your friends text you that they won't have wifi because they will be in the shelter until things die down, and you can see the flames from your bedroom window

www.theatlantic.com: The Camp Fire Ravages Paradise, California