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I'm your average starving artist on the hunt for commissions. Artwork is usually completed within the week it's purchased, as I'm on summer vacation and have nothing else on my plate. I take payment upfront to avoid scamming, however, I can send a sketch of your piece before payment to insure that I won't scam you.

First off, keep in mind that I am underaged and won't draw NSFW or fetish work. Don't request anything you wouldn't want a sixteen year old drawing. I specialize in anthromorphic and quad animals, however, I have experience in humans as well. I'll attempt anything within reason.

1. Pixel art
1.1 Fullbody with one animation and transparent background $5
1.2 Fullbody with one or more animations and a background: $10

2. Clean lined art
2.1 Fullbody with transparent background: $5
2.2 Fullbody with background: $10
2.3 Mutiple characters: +$5 per character

3. Reference sheet
3.1 Front facing view: $5
3.2 Front and back facing view: $10
3.3 Clothed and unclothed view: $10
3.4 Clothed and unclothed as well as front and back view: $20
3.5 Extra information such as accessory references, likes and dislikes, name, etc: Free

4. Grab bag. A grab bag contains five or more art pieces that are a mixture of every commission option I offer. You could get pixels, clean lined pieces, and even a reference sheet. This option will give you the best bargain for your money.
4.1 Regular grab bag: $20

If you're unable to pay in USD, you can also offer characters, adopts, or designs. I also accept art trades.

1. Pixel art
1.1 http://sta.sh/2y2e9le17dn?edit=1

2. Clean lined art
2.1 sta.sh: Clean lines examples

3. Reference sheets
3.1 sta.sh: Reference sheets

4. Grab bags
4.1 See above examples

Fill out the bellow form to order a commission. You can post it here or note me privately.
Character reference(s):
Type of art being ordered: (pixel, clean lined, reference sheet, or grab bag)
Animation: (if applicable)
Background: (if applicable)
Pose: (optional)
Expression: (optional)
Additional requests:


"Don't request anything you wouldn't want a sixteen year old drawing."
Hahaha that wasn't quite the right site to say that, because furries are weirdos and they'd probably want 16 year olds drawing the weirdest shit.
You should rephrase this to "Don't request anything that it is illegal for a sixteen year old to draw."