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'Sup! X3


Well-Known Member
Hey! Whazzap! I'm new here and such... Not much to say... Ermm... I'm an arctic wolf,
and metal is badass \m/ =^.^= \m/ Hmmm... Hi? *wags tail*


Neighborhood Hugglewoof
Hihi! Welcome to the FAF! *shakes your paws with both of his*

â„¢-Daley Leungsangnam475-â„¢

Red 'n' White Scouse Gamon ^_^
Welcome to the forum ^^

The Grey One

New Zealand Scot
Hello there Kuro and welcome to the forum :)


back'n up back'n up
Hello and welcome to FAF, hope you enjoy it here. Have fun.:)


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Thanks. My last introduction to a forum wasn't as welcoming. ( I think I screwed up [Yay fresh starts!!! X3]) *quick bow than back off to GTA*