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super cheap digitigrade stilts


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
right, so I found these, and I thought I should share with others :)

They're not the best quality of course, but they get the job done for a pretty descent price.

Anyway, here you go!



As for the mask for the costume: total cost: $25!

(WITH a moving jaw, thank you)


So anyway, as you can tell these probably aren't the... most sturdy of costumes, but for a halloween costume or something that will be worn only a few times I think it'd be pretty good.

I know I'm making some :D


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
I'm thinking making the bottom part bigger probably wouldn't be a bad idea, since it would give you better balance :3

My boyfriend is the son of a carpenter- he's making them sometime this summer for next year's convention :D


Resident pervy rainbow unicorn
remember the bungie cords in the back everyone- that's the only way you'll stay upright in these things lol