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Super cheap head, paws, and feetpaws


Lazy Artist
I put up an auction on Furbuy so I figured it be best to advertise it. If you have any questions feel free to ask them on this thread or PM them to me.


The starting bid is $40 (+shipping). Additional pictures can be found on the auction page.

It's cheap for a reason (copied from auction description):

It's based off a cross between a cat and a rabbit (Cabbit). This is my second head and has many mistakes (it's about a year old and has been worn to a few volunteer events). The ear fur is on backwards, the shaving is sloppy, the side and back view are suckish, vision is actually decent, eyes are a tad wonky (as in not installed perfectly), neck could be better, the nose is just a foamie, some cheap tricks were used, seams aren't the best (they'll hold but just look odd, especially around the mouth, and there is a hotglue seam on the back of the head (hard to see in pics and actually not too visible in person). Designed for a 23" head (fits nicely, not too but snug enough not to wiggle when head is moved). Static jaw. Buckram-like material for eyes (vision through pupil and iris), sclera is made from yellow foamies. Static jaw with flat fleece tongue and no teeth. Foam base.

The paws are super baggy (you might want to stuff them) and the fur is on backwards. However they received an updated layer of stitching and wash to look new. Note: No pawpads or claws.

The feetpaws are really old (at least four years). They've had the shoes taken out of them but you'll be able to stick in your own shoes/pair of slippers easily (there is a lot of room for the shoe so various sizes shouldn't be a problem). You're going to want to add a new bottom to them though. In the picture they got some pine needles on them but I'll make sure they are nice and washed before shipping.