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Super cheap

Ill be selling commissions at FE as well. ^.=.^
Check out my FA gallery for examples.

My price list:


sketch: 1$
colored sketch: 2$
colored/shaded sketch: 5$
Inked: 5$
flat color/inked: 8$
colored/inked simple shading: 12$
colored/inked shaded: 17$
Icons/Avatars/head shot: 5$


additional characters+ 5$ for the first 3, 2$for 4-15, 1$for 15-?
simple background+ 5-10$
background+ 10-15$
complex background+ 15-20$
nudity+ 1-2$
Yiff+ 10-30$

I'm also offering colored and shaded badges for 10$ each, only 3 slots open at 10$.

If your getting a sketch or ink, the background and additional characters are 50% off :D Flat color is 75% off ;)

Feel free to PM me with any questions, my prices are negotiable. ^.=.^