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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Tournament!


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Congratulations Achoral!



10/1- Added a section regarding lag, added an example prize
10/6- Separated the rules regarding Miis and customization
10/10- The tournament begins! Added info about Wildcards

To celebrate the release of the new Smash Bros, we should have a tournament to decide which one of us is the best smasher there is! Of course, this will be for fun too!
Anyone can join (although you will need a Fur Affinity Forums account), so invite your friends! This is a big deal!!

Start Date: October 10, 12PM EST
The tournament will take place over several days. On each day, you will have 24 hours from the starting time to get your match in!

Prize: A picture of you alongside your favorite Smash Bros character! Example


  • Single elimination (If you lose your match, that's it, so be careful and try your best!)
  • Matches are best 2 out of 3
  • 1 vs 1
  • 3 Stock
  • No time limit
  • Final Destination (Including all of the Omega Form stages) or Battlefield
  • No items
  • Customizations: Off
  • Handicap: Off
  • Damage Ratio: 1.0x
  • Switching characters is allowed
  • Mii Fighters are banned

Matches can be done at any time during the 24 hour time span. It is up to you to contact your opponent for the match.

Both players must announce the winner before the win can be recorded.

If you’ve attempted to contact your opponent and they didn’t respond, report that here. A win or loss will be determined on a case by case basis.

If both players agree that they are unable to battle each other, players with no opponent in the current round or players who have lost their match may be called upon to substitute. In the case of the latter, the player will be chosen at random.


Lag will be unavoidable throughout the tournament. You shouldn't blame a loss on lag, because it affects everyone. However, if both players agree to have a rematch, they're totally welcome to.


The stars on the tournament bracket indicate Wildcards!! If you lost a match, you still have a chance of staying in the tournament! Two challengers who have lost will be randomly selected to be one of the Wildcards! Use this rare chance to redeem yourself and claim total victory!



1. SirRob [SirRob]: 3394-4061-9856
2. SkyboundTerror [Dude]: 0559-6972-5367
3. DrDingo [Eddie]: 1977-0255-2764
4. RedLeFrench [Red]: 5284-1388-3963
5. Yonk [Yonk]: 4098-3740-2350
6. Zahros [Zahros]: 5386-7957-7797
7. mcjoel [Joel]: 5241-3065-9672
8. CaptainCool [Mathias]: 2895-7679-6809
9. Byakko110 [Andrew]: 2320-6157-3210
10. Arctic342: 4914-3464-8739
11. Eggdodger [Jacoby]: 5155-3170-4628
12. Achoral [Achoral]: 0533-4830-3114
13. Onikisu [Onyx]: 4511-1803-0603
14. Jayke [Jayke]: 2938-7555-9395
15. Saukko: 0946-2725-1797
16. BRN [THREE]: 5043-1750-5008
17. Iba Shot [???]: 5284-2779-6178
18. DarrylWolf [DARRYL]: 3668-8705-4497
19. TiranMaster: 1289-9508-1759
20. The True Blue Wolf [Eric]: 0344-9488-0748
21. TorquetheFox [MorganNAL]: 2964-9405-4579
22. Black-Fang [Rou]: 1564-3346-3086
23. Takado [Gemel]: 1246-8972-5795
24. Eiji Otaka: 4897-5937-2137
25. Arcane Reno [Reno]: 3024-6068-9916
26. Evan of Phrygia [Evan]: 3437-3081-2676


Please post your friend code if you're interested! Registration ends on October 10, 12AM EST!
This post will be updated throughout the tournament, so keep an eye out!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here!
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Have fun! I will be spending that weekend with a group of friends binging on this game.


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Glad to have you aboard! I think I'm gonna go pass out now, I'll update things in the morning.

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May the best win :D

You already have your character favorites to play ?

Alastair Snowpaw

The Skull Paw
not sure if i won't be playing wiht others then but i still have time to apply so i will see, also i dont know my friend code thing.


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You can check it on the bar at the top of the console's main menu screen, in the Friends tab. You need to go to your profile and it is written in a corner.


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He could make a épic final smash for Fox ( andross with the great fox an peppy ) so why they make the same that that of falco? (The same that in the brawl)? :(


Oh god... I'm gonna suck... But, I'll take my chances.

My 3ds code is in my signature.


Definitely in! Here's my friend code:
4098 3740 2350

I wouldn't say "which one of us is the best smasher there is" because this will be a tournament for a new game, not even a month after October 3rd.

Update: here's my contact stuff. What will reach me the fastest is texting me at 8182924643, or messaging me on Facebook (Justin M O'Hadi)
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I've added everyone who posted their code to the first post, and to everyone else, thank you for the support!

When we switch characters do we have to tell the othe rperson inbetween rounds?
You don't have to tell the other person in between rounds whether you're switching characters. If a player loses first, it should be an expectation that they'll switch to a counterpick.

I wouldn't say "which one of us is the best smasher there is" because this will be a tournament for a new game, not even a month after October 3rd.
Well, it's to decide who's the best smasher until someone decides to do another tournament!
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Thanks for joining up, Eddie and Red!

Replace the numbers with star fox characters and you've got me.
You would laugh at star fox characters?


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did someones say smash bros tournament!?

heh count me in! >w> it'll be a good opportunity to get more smashers on my friend code roster.
Im gonna be playing it nonstop online so the more the merrier!


How do we feel about Sudden Death? I share the opinion that the match's victor should be decided based upon other stats, or replayed for a certain number of stocks. The thing is I don't now what the results screen looks like the in the full version of the game.


Sorry-- didn't notice the lack of a time limit.