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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Tournament!


Lady of the lake
I'm sorreeeeeeh. I may have gotten too excited aaaand sorry for all the grabbing, it's what I do against people with counters. >.<

Eh... It's what I did to my sister in the original Smash Bros. It's ok.


Yeah well fuck you too :c
I didn't expect to win anything but I also didn't expect to be completely fucking annihilated 3 to nothing two times in a row o_O
By the way, I am not being a sore loser. I am just still in shock because of how brutal that was.

Looks like CaptainCool isn't so "cool" after all. Relax, you can always play me and feel better about yourself because I'm terrible at this game.


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Congrats Terror!

Remember, if you lost, you still have a random chance to return as a wildcard! So check back on the thread tomorrow!


I'm tempted to just go elsewhere where there's actual good internet just so I can join this.

Then again, taking my brothers 3DS random places just to beat up some furry's isn't the greatest excuse. :p


The tournament's closed to new entries, but you're welcome to play anyone here. : )
That's a disappointment, I'd believe myself to be a worthy opponent to the championship.
Then again I haven't played a real person in the longest time, I can only compare myself to the AI.
By now I defeat Level 9 AI pretty easily, the greatest challenge I've overcome on the 3DS was a Level 8 and 6 both teamed up against me.


Byakko had the experience of beating the musician and growing visual artist, Yonk! AND YOU NEVER WILL >:3


What if both foes don't battle by the deadline? Like if I'm ready, but waiting on my foe?


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I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

Gonna be about an hour longer, sorry bro. X


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Grats Byakko!

If a match isn't done in time, I'll decide what to do depending on the situation. If it's just a time conflict, then things can be flexible.


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I like how my first match is with a person that has 1 post on this forum that hasn't been online for days.

Looks like my deathnote worked.


#1 Most Requested Croconaw
That requires making an FA, UGH.

You win oniiiiichan

Aerius Sygale

Half-Demon Wolf
Damn, wish I was on at around 7 PM, was watching something on TV with my brother and father, they insisted. >.< Man, always the worst timing for me...