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Super Smash Bros.

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Link was always the best. Don't have a wii u or 3ds but i am sure he will reign supreme again xD

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Link was always the best. Don't have a wii u or 3ds but i am sure he will reign supreme again xD
He was shit for last two games.


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No StarWolf or Jigglypuff? ]: Sadface. I've been owning with puff since the 64 days. At least Dedede is still here with his awesome theme song to comfort me.

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I would play mario, fox, megaman, luigi, marth, lucario, yoshi, ike, and girl marth.
In melee I was unstoppable with luigi, dr mario, and fox
In brawl that changed to luigi and lucario
Wonder what the next team will be

Mr. Sparta

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My man! It's like every time you talk, you turn out to be even cooler than I previously thought. You can join in with me and Rob. You can be Gandhi.

Oh how I wish this was real.


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I've been a huge fan since the N64 release. Words cannot describe how stoked I am for this game; I was happy enough with Brawl as the final game in the series.

Charizard (wish I could say PT), Samus, Ike, and Jiggly were mah bois in Brawl, though I'll use just about anyone if boredom strikes. Can't say I'm a fan of Bowser's stance change...

Apart from that, none of the new characters really appeal to me other than Robin and Palutena. Charizard is all my mind is on right now. lol

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I'm a huge fan of the metal gear series so im a little sad snake won't be involved in this one, he was actually really good for me. I could fight really well with him. Little mac might be fun though


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I find it funny that way the characters are balanced.
Say, Little Mac is a boxer; Palutena is a Goddess. Can a boxer beat up a Goddess?



I would love to play as Lucario. Too bad I only have the 3DS, because the Wii U graphics are better.


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I am more than willing to sacrifice graphics for the ability to play Smash Bros on the toilet.
Not that the graphics on the 3DS version are bad at all.


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I'm going to need to try out the characters before I can decide. I like to try out all characters so I'm excited about all of them.

Kirby has been my favorite since 64 but not my best ever since. Back in Melee I was a terror with Jigglypuff and in brawl I got fairly decent with Wolf and Olimar.

Alastair Snowpaw

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speaking of trying out, i really want to spend a long period of time with rosalina, the 2 minute FFA demo was no where near enough to even bother trying her out.

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I'm excited, I'm burning to play THIS GAME.

Fox, sonic, bowser, charizard, mega man, vilager, Wolf, <---(IF he gets announced.) and Wii fit trainer are some of my favorite characters, I'm looking forward to playing them all.

Sad that Samurai Goro isn't confirmed... He would have been such a sweet character.
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Hikaru Okami

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*youtube vid here*

I thought you were going to post the vid with Minato and Elizabeth. They had the most fun.

Edit: I'm kinda curious how the wii fit person will do. I'm not too sure about it after watching the demo.

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