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Survey Follow up/Results - We're all pretty queer.


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A while back I posted a survey on the forums, a quick little look into furries to answer the question, are furries all really gay?

Well, here are the results, 116 responses later.
The answer to the big question? Well, we're almost all certainly queer.


Lets break down the gender identity chart first.

Unsurprisingly, 64.7% of respondents identified as a cis dude. Close in second was 10.3% of yall identifying as a cis chick. And in third place, those identifying as nonbinary, at 5.2%. The breakdown from there is mostly trans/trans nb people, and various very specific responses. Surprisingly, only 2 people identified as a trans woman. Me, and one other fur! Hello to you!

Now, the other chart.

In first place, bisexual individuals at 23.6% of respondents!
Second place: Gay folks, at 16.4% of yall!
Third place is Pansexual individuals at 15.5% of respondents, leaving those who identify as straight at 4th place!
Really wasn't the result I was expecting, as far as the percentage of those who identify as straight especially.

To put this more into perspective, 87.3% of respondents weren't straight.

Which Ithink answers the question pretty darn well.

Thank you to all of those who participated! And to those who shared, hello to some of the international furs, including but not limited to those from:
Russia, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, SCOTLAND, and Spain!
And shout out to the 4 or so people who put down their state lol.

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you humans still putting things in boxes?

we should hire you for the postal service lol.


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Thanks for doing this. It’s really neat to see all the different individuals who make up this fun fandom! It’s nice to see it so diverse, too.

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
what did you put me down as?

i'd like to know what humans think my sexuality is.