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Survey - Orientation and furries in general


This lmfao
i know of so few women in the fandom. Anyone who only knows chicks in the fandom is solely looking to find them and is ignoring anyone else lol.
A lot depends on what part of the fandom we're talking about. Most furries I know are artists, and a lot of furry artists are female. There are also quite a few female fursuit makers.

And then there's the matter of which demographics enjoy what you draw. When I used to upload more frequently, a lot of the characters I drew were female. The people who faved and commented most tended to fall into three categories: artists of any gender, straight males, or females who identified with or otherwise liked the characters.

Years ago, when I attended my first convention, I shared a room with an online friend. We met through being mutual fans of each others' art. While he was introducing me, a bunch of fursuiters walked in. The first I met was his wife. I didn't realize how many were female, however, until they took their fursuit heads off. My thought at the time was "Oh, that's where the women are hiding." XD It's true to an extent. There are groups of female fursuiters who mostly interact with other female fursuiters, and otherwise keep to themselves. At least as far as fandom activities go. It's a thing.

So yeah, it can be pretty easy to "ignore" the gay stuff. Furry fandom is like a smorgasbord, in a way. There's enough content that you can find the stuff you like, and surround yourself with that.

For what it's worth, I'm a straight male.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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Don't know what the word for what i am is but i'm all accepting.

I was born that way and never changed.


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im late to the party but I did notice that in my local furry community, most are male; but there's an even distribution of straight and gay. back then, I wanted to join their outings and meetups but when I see the photos and it's all guys, I end up chickening out haha

as for me, i'm bi? pan? demi?
i don't really know. if I like you, i like you (and I will stop any romantic development because I can't afford a relationship)