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Survival-horror games


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I recently saw a list of the scariest games by like Gametrailers or something. I'll get this out of the way first....Doom 3 and Dark Seed are on the list. Doom 3 isn't scary - It has startling-factor but by no means is it scary. Dark seed was only scary at the time because the art was disturbingly detailed but by no means is it scarier than some game like say, Undying or Phantasmagoria which didn't even make the list. (Phantasmagoria was scary despite the crappy acting - When Don kills the guy with a Tire IRon, the laugh is just creepy. Same with how Regina was killed. I actually still think of htat every time I eat Chicken Parmesan or Sweet and Sour Pork.)

I've actually been thinking of some other ways to scare the player for survival horror games. I was quite fond of how Eternal Darkness would do stuff like screw with your head to scare you instead of simply making the dudes jump at you from nowhere like every other Survival-horror game to date has.

This is actually my ideas for one...
Instead of having mutiple characters with cookie-cutter strengths and weaknesses, they each have a specific phobia, and whenever they encounter it or a hallucination that puts the regular thing on crack they start freaking out and become hard to control (like freaking out in Clock Tower) But over the course of the game they sort of conquer that fear and don't freak out, unless the hallucination gets so big anyone without said phobia would start to lose their cool. Maybe basic stuff like how each character has their own set of levels or they go through a different part of the level, or they're all in the same area and they start off in different places of the game setting.

I think maybe a TV hijacking would be interesting story, probably like the Wyoming Incident except they're real and something else is causing it. And the TV and Radio signals are playing a frequency that makes your eyeballs vibrate and you see stuff you're afraid of, so the claustrophobic character for example would see the walls closing in around them and start freaking. This would pretty much happen if you turn on a TV or radio and look at the signal long enough later on in the game.

Another part that came to me while walking home yesterday was something that plays with you. You're walking down a road at about winter or so (some thawed snow and ice visible on the ground, you know the setting) and you see lights reflectd on the Ice on the road, and you hear the sound that a car is heading right for you behind you. You jump to the side or look around and you see....nothing.

Although the good ol' shocker would be implemented. Like you're working on a puzzle or open a door and then you're greeted with a scary face and something like a scream, like the Bathtub scene in Eternal Darkness. (It made ME jump - it actually scared the dogs more and they started barking at the TV. XD) Or maybe something like a different kind of fear...ecstasy supplement. Remember how scary that "Pink Elephants" part of the movie "Dumbo" was? Something like a sequence where your character's on an Acid trip or you see a scary picture and yet elevator music is playing. Or it shows you the antithesis - happy picture of a flower field and yet you hear screaming. I tink that maybe one thing that'd be scary is like that car commercial where you're in a level with primary colours actually being used but then something happens like you meet a demon or hear a reference to the Wizard of Oz. Remember the deadly poppy field?

last thing, the Wyoming Incident had one video in which a message was "We stand at the door". Perhaps that message shows up and your character's alone in a house. You know something's at the door but they aren't going to try getting in. If you escape through the door, you die and there are two solutions to the level, either stay in the house, get to the roof somehow and jump to the neighbour's house, get something like a rope bridge and escape that way, or create a distraction and run like hell out a window.


omg the pink elephants they still are scary D: btw there are many said survival horror games

but each with a different formula RE scares on surprise like something jumping outa window and such, silent hill relays on psicological terror like in the school with all those bodies straped to the walls, i was like omg if one jumps out i`ll shit bricks or the boy crying in the batroom that is fkng scary, max payne is an actiongame but the hallucination stuff was freaky i had to mute the tv.

i think a game that played you sense would be great like on GTA vice city when u have to drive all disoriented, its just a great effect and new tecnologies it would be awesome


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Ah yes, I saw that list... I also didn't agree with a few of the mentioned ones, and especially didn't agree with the part where they said that only recently have games been able to craete a creepy atmosphere.

The reason I think that is because of Sweet Home for the NES, which I believe was the first of the genre (and made by the same people who created Resident Evil, amusingly). It plays like an RPG, but makes clever use of music and atmosphere to make chills run down your spine, despite the fact its only 8-bits.


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Brittany's Dance Beat will always be a Survival-horror in my books >:{


Rants like a Gryphon
Kloudmutt said:
i think a game that played you sense would be great like on GTA vice city when u have to drive all disoriented, its just a great effect and new tecnologies it would be awesome

Yeah, with how detailed graphics can be (when they aren't lighting the dimly-coloured stages on fire with excessive amounts of Bloom) and with all the lighting and camera effects they can do stuff like actually distort the player a little. Maybe some part where you're in a car, and the radio makes you have to drive away while you're hallucinating, that's how it can work.


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GTA4 is meant to have Drunk-Driving (complete with blurry camera).


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Bokracroc said:
GTA4 is meant to have Drunk-Driving (complete with blurry camera).

Although a similar sequence would work well for a game whose intent is to scare you instead of a game that's meant to scare parents and make Jack Thompson get his act up. (I know Leiberman and Clinton are also against games...but I think even Clinton would think Thompson's going too overboard at this point.)


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I'd like to suggest Dark Tales of the Lost Souls on PS1. The game didn't really have good graphics -- it's like mostly black background, just the props, occasional haunted house -- but it gave me a few frights.


Anyone remember just before you get the revolver in Bioshock? The lady crying and talking to herself? I snuck up behind with the wrench, and just when I was going to swing she screamed and killed me. Right there, dogs and little siblings, I screamed. Also, playing System Shock 2, alone, in the dark, at night, with headphones, and having a younger brother go whooping into the room so that you jump out of your seat and proceed to beat him with your lost dignity.


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Project Zero/Fatal Frame was just friggin' creepy. Seriously, I found myself unable to play it with he lights out...


Doom 3 is occasionally disturbing, but not really that scary. The problem with it is how iD pulled the monster closet scenario every single time. You enter an empty, dark room. You know what must inevitably happen, if not now then on backtracking, and it's no surprise when it does. Scariness in games relies just as much as what you see as it does on what you don't see.

A classic example occurs in F.E.A.R. If you see an apparition running through the shadows and then diving into a small puddle, you're going to be very apprehensive about walking through that puddle because you know something is in there. Yet, when you do slowly walk through it, guns drawn, and you reach the other side without incident - well, now things are really freaky because you have no idea what happened to the thing you just saw. It could be anywhere now. But here's the important takeaway - something didn't happen. Had this been Doom, we'd surely have a pink demon lunging at you from the water, as anticipated and foreshadowed. Instead, nothing happened. The expectation you foreshadowed did not occur. And that is what is at the core of any frightening experience, no matter the media, you are playing with the viewer's expectations.


Esplender said:
LSD + Wandering through the bad side of town at night = The ultimate survival horror experience.

I remember playing through Silent Hill 3, first SH game I'd ever played and not knowing the story and partially convincing myself that Heather was just a junkie having a really, REALLY bad trip while trying to find her way home. Even when the real story started to become more obvious I was holding out for an ending suggesting it was a bad trip, maybe with her waking up in the Brookhaven hospital or back in the Restaurant where she started or something.


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Survival Horror is an incredibly fun genre. However the one and ONLY one to actually give me the heeby jeebies was the original Silent Hill on the PSX. The game got under my skin and i had to force myself to turn the system off.
Upon playing it again i was fine but i was shaking the whole way through.

No other game has given me this sense since then. Shame really cause that was alot of fun

EDIT: Doom3 startled me near the beginning when the lost soul ran through the open elevator crack. Past that the game was "OMG MONSTAR BEHIND JOO!!" the.entire.game.through. Shame really, LOTS of potential. At least the game had top notice presentation.


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OMFG. Survival horror is all that i play. In fact, most recently. I only could beat Fatal Frame II with my friend Leah in the room. That game and the damned ghosts in it scared the shit out of me.

I mean honestly, I don't think i have a more favorite genre than Survival Horror. It's the best, and if you can't tell. I'm a game addict, and a horror addict. I thrive on gore and violence. It's so sad at the same time though too....


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Silent Hill series does wonders on creeping the fuck out of people.

Silent Hill - Corpse falling out of locker at school, start sequence where you walk down that alleyway.
Silent Hill 2 - Various cutscenes including the one with Pyramid Head in the apartments.
Silent Hill 3 - One of the rooms in alternate hospital that warps and fucks with your head.
Silent Hill 4 - Stuff in the hospital rooms.
Silent Hill 5 - We'll just have to see when it is released.


Resident Evil 2, after i ran across windows, Zombie grabbed my Char ... i was like OMG, and dropped my controller in shock, resulting the death of him ;(


Silent Hill 2 has still been my most heart-pounding game. No other iteration of that game made me feel that the town was a living entity subtly pushing the main character into madness. Silent Hill 4, not so much. Too many floaty ghosts and predictable crap. Although the one part that creeped me out was when you looked into the apartment next door through the hole in the wall, the plush rabbit would at some point be staring directly at you and pointing.
The Resident Evil games have all had their creepy momments and they are very fun games. I haven't been scared my them in a long time, mostly 'cuz I'm a horror junky and like any drug, you build a tolerence and a stronger dosage for the same effect. Fatal frame is epicaly scary, it helped I was playing the Japanese version and couldn't understand what the fuck was going on and it was like midnight and all the lights were off. Was never scared in silent hill, any of 'em. That's all from me.


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the only scary moment i can remember(at this point) in a survival horror game is the first timei got attacked by a dog in RE4!i screamed and was so shocked that i couldn't fight it off and it ripped my throat out...which was kinda cool!

and in a non S-H game?...once in one of the two N64 LOZ games i was in asewer or something walking along out of nowhere some...hand grabbed me and sent me back to the beginning or something!man after that my heart was beating like a drum!


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Silent Hill series is freaking classic. Though, SH4 was a bit of a disappointment, until his apartment started getting haunted. All the other SH's? Classic, scary, creepy, mindfucking, and just plain gold in the pants.

Resident Evil never really "creeped" me out. It was more of the, "I have 4 bullets, no herbs, and there's 5 zombies." The sense of how screwed you were is what made RE so classic.

I'm now playing Condemned: Criminal Origins. I must say, SEGA did a damn good job. I cannot wait for the second one. The VA's are cheesy, but everything else is very top-notch, and a sense of being completely screwed over is always evident, even at full health and a shotgun full of ammo.


I don't know why, but first person horror games never tend to scare me; too much control, I guess. I'm worried about that with Silent Hill 5, giving full camera support and such. Something that made Silent Hill creepy was the feeling of NOT being in full control.