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suspiciously furry songs


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I know this character is a werewolf, but those dog noises are really something else



The Drunk Skunk. Metal and Beer. FckNzs.
The Band Okto Vulgaris.

Their drummer wears a horse-mask at their shows while they're playing the first song ^^


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You wouldn't believe what Youtube picked for general recommendations now.

The most furry song ever! Created by furry, commissioned by furry business. And surprisingly spot on what furry fandom actually is about... :)

Now shows up on my coworkers recommended lists. 5,000,000 views and counting...

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This song's suspiciously Furry, but I don't know. goes and spam the downvotes.
Is it bad that I upvoted this song? I know it's cringy but it's not entirely inaccurate and it's kind of catchy.

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Also woohoo let's necro a 2-year-old thread!

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Really old, really cheesy, but I still think it’s worth mentioning here.


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Hmm... does this count?

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It's the song as well, but the lyric video of SOFI TUKKER - Purple Hat was literally what the inside of my head looked like when I became a furry lol


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This song is a bit weird, but it gives me furry vibes