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Sweet Tooth's Unite!!!


Simply amazing.
With Halloween just around the corner, I was curious to know what everyone's sweet tooth is craving!!!

Need help getting your sweet tooth in the mood? Try listening to a candy classic, this sweet success for some nostalgia, a song about pure imagination, or this song that was all about a big, rock candy mountain.
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Is honestly confused by life.
I have a sweet spot for Sandlavas, if you know what I mean~

(also, a lollipop. Mmmm)


resident spaceship
I'm just eating the hard tack candy that I made.

I'm really not that big into sweets.
I'd rather take a salty snack, than anything else.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
If it's unhealthy, I'll eat it and I will enjoy it.

I do wonder why I'm not overweight sometimes.


Shepherd of Fire
My sweet tooth just likes sugar and caffeine. Energy drinks are all kinds of awesome, yet not at all good.


Hot sammiches and cold beer.
I like fruity candy more than chocolate, but I can munch on some still. Also, me and my friends brother made beignets, and oh man, we had to have eaten 30 good sized ones in one sitting. I know it's not candy, but it's sweet damn it


Hot sammiches and cold beer.
My favorite candy bar is the Take Five bar <3 though snicker almond is great, kit kat big kat, and 100 grand bar :3


Hot sammiches and cold beer.
Geez I haven't had one of those in like years. So good. o-o

I get one whenever I can and think of them, but god, it's a perfect candy bar, if only it had almonds


Hot sammiches and cold beer.