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(Commission) Selling: Symmetrical Shaded Headshots/Icons - $15


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Please check out my website for more commission options and information!

You are automatically agreeing to my terms of service, please refer to my TOS! Everything you need to know is there. <3

This is my first time making an advert on a forum, so please pardon any confusion or the clunkiness of my forum post. I'm new to making any sort of post like this, haha. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Symmetrical Shaded Headshot/Icon
$15 USD

I unfortunately only have this example at the moment that I made yesterday. My older examples are far too outdated. My website link above has more examples of my art if you need any reassurance!

If interested, I'm quicker to respond to messages through my Instagram (@/spoodlee) or Twitter (@/DSpoodlee). Otherwise, feel free to post or message here.​