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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) SystemSearcher's Symbolatorium and other Vector art


Variety Artist and Vector Angstist

Hello everyone! My artistic nickname is SystemSearcher, and I do vector art. And many other things on the side, but my main specialty is, indeed, vector art. I have been doing symbology for as long as I can remember holding any artistic implement in my hand, doodling Kamen Rider symbols in my notebook. And now, it's come to this, graphics design generally being my main specialty.

Unfortunately for any attempts at establishing my brand, I also do a buttload of other stuff. Specifically, I have tried my hand at pretty much every single digital art form out there, from general digital art, to pixel art, to 3D modeling and rendering, to even music, writing and *shudder* coding. As a result, forming a coherent, singular image of "what I do" is rather difficult. But, as generally a solid chunk of it at least spins around graphics design, I ended up deciding on making that my main thing, though, as you will see later, I also do other things.

You can rather easily see more of my work over on my Furaffinity page, which is also where all of my actually NSFW stuff can be found​






What I will or won't do when it comes to specific topics

I have a rather inconsistent pattern when it comes to fetish art. Some weird stuff I'm perfectly fine with, other - not so much. I've tried to narrow it down by as much as I could,

For example, I am mostly fine with some, rather hardcore gore, but not with other hardcore gore. And, as another example, I am fine with some inflation, but not other inflation. Some degree of hyper is fine, but there are some cut offs. Overall, better just ask if I would be willing to make it. For a lot of stuff, I will be, but for some really inconsistent things, I won't be.

There are only a few hard negatives: anything relating to bodily excretions. Smell kinks of any kind. Anything else related to lack or loss of mental and physical maturity, aka children. Vore. Note: this list will be added onto whenever I remember anything else I'm not willing to make.

What I will or won't do period, no matter what or how
Anything relating to abuse or denigration of real life groups of people is a complete NO. No discrimination, no denigration of lgbtq+ communities, nationalities, ethnicities, etcetera. Some stuff can fall under fetish art, but apply common sense, please.

Basically, anything that would make others consider you a dick or would break most Terms of Service out there is probably off limits.


For sigils and logos, I can work off of descriptions alone. However, for anything specific, as well as for any characters, I would seriously appreciate reference images.

Even a dirty, handdrawn sketch of a stick figure made on a napkin is better than nothing for relaying your expectations. I CAN do text references, but please do not make it harder for both of us. I am willing to work with you as long as you're willing to work with me. And please, DO not say that "you're a horrible artist". I meant the whole "even a stick figure will do" thing literally. Hell, can't do a stick figure, find some external reference images and tell me what to splice together.

3D Models
Weapons, furniture, machinery, spaceships, etcetera - I can make, or at least find rather easily, though it will cost you extra, and preferably require a reference image. However, when it comes to characters, I don't DO them from scratch, not yet.

As a result, please provide a source model for any scenes you wish to commission, even if it's a sfw one, because then I can at least headhack it. Though headhacking will cost extra, so DO be aware that extra work on my part will be considered.

At this point, I accept Paypal. Though, unfortunately, nowadays it has to be done through an intermediary of Boosty. At the moment, all of my prices are listed in USD.

Upon commissioning me, you will have to send half the payment upon our agreement on the commission details, and the other half upon finalization.
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Variety Artist and Vector Angstist
After two months of work, this model is finally done. A Blender 3D Model of Toa Nokama, heavily inspired by the Legends of Metru Nui movie. It is fully IK rigged, and has a few interesting features, including the ability to easily change the color of every single glowy thing on the model, a mouth "vocoder" system, and a somewhat sassy attitude. All for the price of about $10 USD! And your immortal soul as collateral for about a day or two but that's besides the point.


Variety Artist and Vector Angstist

Another one in my series of Norse-ish circles based on the seven days of the week and the Norse deities that stand behind them. This one is Frigg's Day. The Goddess of marriage, precognition, motherhood, and if the modern theories are to be believed - also the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sex, gold and, of course, war.


Variety Artist and Vector Angstist
After finishing the Zarieth commission, I was struck with a certain bit of inspiration, fuelled by the wolf-themed design that was part of it. I decided to flex my skills and make something with a similar style, but also somewhat different. A different animal, for one thing, and much less constrained.

The result was this falcon.