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Table top and boardgames


Miss Fluffy Bottom
im rather surprised that this isn’t a main topic for the entertainment section. I feel like it should be up there, as I see it being a big thing in the fandom. Just about every furry con plays these type of games and even have panels. Not to mention many have role play elements that lean into character creation or playing as ones fursona or oc.


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I'm a big board game fan! Not quite as big into tapletop RPG, but I do love the wave of boardgames that's been coming out in the past decade, or so. It was Pandemic, that got me hooked at first; I'd never really played a cooperative board game. After that, I discovered other co-op games that I liked...the top ones so far being:

-Robinson Crusoe
-Dead of Winter

Then, there's a host of other board games I've come to love:

-Stone Age (way up there, on my list!)
-The Village
-Ticket to Ride
-Gates of Yolang

....and there's been so many coming out, it gets hard to keep track. I tend to like resource gathering/worker placement/area control elements. I'm not huge on deck building, all in all; maybe as one element of a game, but it's never been a go-to thing.

And yes; I have even watched Tom Vasel, and those geeky Dice Tower reviews on Youtube. In fact, I wanna make an "I Beat Tom Vasel" T-Shirt :p

I also agree...surprised there's not a board gaming thread here. A lotta the board games I have are packed away; and there's still one's I haven't played, yet...among the many curses of these games: not enough people to play them! But that's also what I love: getting together with freinds, IRL, and sitting down to have some fun, and play some games. Good way to meet folks, furry and otherwise, at cons, or just in general. A night of games, snacks, libations, friends, laughter and chit-chat is hard to beat...even if you lose : )

Oh, and a game that was a lot of fun in a simple package, and a bit furry: Tally Ho!

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I'm surprised it doesn't have its own subsection myself.

I've never been much into tabletops or board games until recently.

Games I have;

Axis and Allies starter kit
The Fallout Board Game
Mechwarrior: Dark Age / Age of Destruction

I kind of want to find an old copy of Omega Virus from the early 90s, but finding a complete working set is really expensive.


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I have too many with my best bear @Silvear :3

blue sky love

I am super competitive with Connect Four and Uno, and any other card game!
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I have a pretty sizeable collection of tabletop games but I don't know of a local gaming group that I can enjoy them with. Mainly I run D&D campaign.


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My husband and I plan on getting into D&D, already bought all of the books and got a set of handmade dice for Christmas. He's been really into The Adventure Zone and I'm just really into creating characters and stories for them. All of our friends moved away, though, so who knows if we'll actually get to play lol

Firuthi Dragovic

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Decent collection myself, but my family only settles for Catan, Dragonwood, and Yahtzee Showdown and I don't have a local group that's much into this stuff. I've got deck-based games (Sentinels of the Multiverse and one Resident Evil deck-building game I got cheaply), RPG-style board games (Mice & Mystics), and I've even got a city-destroying game (Monsters Menace America).

D&D and various other roleplaying systems are a huge thing for me, actually. My only recurring quirk is that I will pretty much never ever play a human if I can help it - with D&D in particular, kobolds are a special favorite of mine.

I could never bring myself to deal with miniatures-based games though.