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Tacoma’s T-shirt Tutorial!

Did you know it’s possible to make T-shirt’s from home? Like this?
It certainly is! A very neat thing to do I’ve learned! I’ll take you through the steps!
Supplies needed: Blank Cotton T-shirt, Paint(screen printer ink recommended!!!), Freezer paper (1 wax sided) Exactoknife (recommended) or scissors
Pencil, Sponge, slab of cardboard, Iron

1.) Draw Your desired design onto the non-wax side of the freezer paper
-If you want separate shapes or colors, leave a space (See how I left a space in between each shade of green and other colors? If I didn’t do that, when painting it would appear as one shape, and paint could bleed into undesired places
2.) Cut out the design
3.) Place the design wax side down onto the t-shirt
-to keep extra flat and sturdy, I’d recommend putting a slab of cardboard inside the shirt(before placing design!), not only will it keep the iron from rolling off, but it’ll keep the paint from bleeding through!
4.) Iron for 3-5 minutes
5.) Paint with the sponge, stamp the sponge in the design like a stencil
-Hold the paper still! The sponge may want to pull it up!
-Don’t put too much paint, You want to see the texture of the shirt, if you don’t the paint can get crumbly, and make the shirt feel awkward
6.) Wait for paint to dry
7.) Peel the wax paper off, very slowly!!!!!
8.) Place a sheet of computer paper on, and iron for 3-5 minutes. Remove said paper once done!

Enjoy your new shirt! This process can be tricky, Kudos to anyone who tried! Hope this helps!
-Hand wash shirt for the first time washing!
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That looks pretty freaking Kool.
Got more pictures?
Unfortunately, I don’t. Didn’t get the idea to share the process till it was too late :(
Glad you like it though!