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Tades and Requests in the Open


Dammit, dropped the soap
Yup, I'll draw anything. Anything clean.

Trades and requests are CLOSED until I finish up everything in this queue.

--Note that I may take a while (read: a friggin' eternity) to get the sketch done, which may also depend on whether or not you want it colored.
--For a sample of my art, take a look at my FA account. It's in my signature.
--EDIT: Don't forget about ART TRADES, people! It keeps my self-esteem from shattering :D

Empty Slots: None

Current WIPs:
*SionnFoxkey: ((Cancelled until further notice))
*Zeichwolf: Story<->Fursona trade
*Ecs Wolfie: Fursona in Pirate outfit
*Star Sage: Vore comic
*Gore Kitten: Ocelot
*Dark_Chaos: White Horned Dragon
*Silibus: Himself
*Crevan: Pending
*Wolf E. Urameshi: Pending
*DaJe: Fursona
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The Kaotic Kitsune

Ecs Wolfie

Hiding the fact he's a husky
Hmm, Actually, I've had an idea I haven't been able to draw lately.

My fursona in a pirate costume. X3 It's a little joke between me and my freind, But if you wanna draw it just say and i'll post you the ref.

Star Sage

Vore is relatively clean, but I know fetishes sometimes sicken people. I like soft though, myself, so the prey isn't chewed, and have no qualms with what they're wearing, or even who's eating, or what's being eaten. If you might do one, how's about a mini comic?

Main panel, and largest picture, is someone holding a sandwich/burger in front of their face, about to take a bite, with the food stuff looking completely normal, with shots in each corner showing other views.

Upper left is a view from inside the pred's mouth looking out to reveal the prey trapped inside the food.

Upper right is a close up view of the pred taking the bite.

Lower left is a view of the pred swallowing, close up on the neck, either external, internal, or cutaway.

Lower right is the prey inside the stomach, still alive, and seemingly fine.


Dammit, dropped the soap
Alright, slots are open again, and then they'll be closed until all ten in the current queue get done. If you have any sort of artistic merit, even if you think it's crappy artistic merit, PLEASE do a trade with me! It feels so much more worth it, and trades get priority over requests :D
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Recently, I've just basically been looking for anyone to start drawing things for me. I like your style though. And if you don't mind, I'd love to see a drawing from you.

I have a thread here with all the information as well as a reference picture


Don't forget to scroll down too to see the collar pictures.

I'm not sure exactly what I'd want for a drawing, but I'll try to think up a specific pose if you'd like. Maybe I should ask for something with my mate in it as well :p


Wolven Writer of FA
Oooh, your art is really good. I might have to take you up on that offer, and request a trade. Mind you, I'm not the best artist, so instead I'd like to propose a story <-> art trade, as I'm a much better writer than I am an artist. Click on the little paw under my profile, and you can see the first three chapters of my story to get an idea of my writing talent. If you're interested, I'd be happy to do a trade, but if not? I'd like to make this a request.

As for what I'd like in return, I'd like you to do a drawing of my fursona, since I've been dying to get him on paper but my art talent does not cover furries. I don't have a reference picture either, so I hope you don't mind a quick description. He looks as follows:

Zeich has medium gray backfur with white underbelly. Black-tipped ears are partially hidden behind a crop of medium-length hair that partially covers his emerald-green eyes. The hair is the same color as his backfur, and hangs down to about his neck. It’s usually tied back in a ponytail. A single tuft of the medium gray color from his backfur is visible in the center of his chest, offsetting the white underbelly. A treasure trail of the same color goes downwards from his navel. Lightly muscled, somewhat more than a swimmer’s build, but not a bodybuilder in size, Zeich is clearly in good shape. Usually wears a black vest over a mesh shirt, with a pair of looser jeans held up by a leather belt. Usually doesn’t wear shoes, but if he does, he wears sandals so that his footclaws don’t poke into the shoes and tear them. Has a silver earring in his left ear.

Ecs Wolfie

Hiding the fact he's a husky
Oh, And after you're done with my request if you're up to it I can do a trade with ya X3