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Hiring: ($50+) [Taerel] [Worldbuilding] Seeking paid Taerel writers


Vampire worldbuilder
Do NOT comment if you are going to complain about my budget or terms or to be dick.

Seeking: Paid writers to write 50,000 words of wordbuilding lore for Taerel, a vampire world.

Contact: Contact Eytirth#1310 if interested.

Needs: I need you to write lore to 500 words a section for each of the 4-7 sections on a page to 2000-3500 words total a page.

Budget: The budget is £50 (or whatever that exchanges to in your nation’s money). Non-negotiable.

Please read ALL these links if interested.

Update #1, 18:48 25 July 2022: I am still looking for 2 writers, I have 2 slots to fill.

Update #2, 20:03 26 July 2022: My budget is not changing, please do not ask, imply or suggest, it is FIXED. Any suggestions of the like will lead to you being blocked

Update #3, 11:28, 3 August 2022: Not looking for any more active writers, but looking for "reserve list writers" to be hired if a slot opens.
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