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Critique: Tag help? Please?


New Member
I'm not really looking for art critique right now. I know I could be better, but I'm just trying to post something before I second-guess myself out of it.

And I'm not very familiar with this community, and tagging has always been a matter of blindly guessing for me.

This is what I'm working on. The finished piece doesn't have a background, but will have color; I'm painting it even now.


What would be good tags for this?

And I mean, any suggestions that people have that aren't based on the art, those would be great, too. But right now I just want to start. And not be stopped by those nagging thoughts of, "Well, this thing could be better.....and that thing.....gosh, maybe I should do this when I'm a better artist..."


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I'm not the best at tagging, but I would suggest: "fox giant paw dress cute". I think you can put more keywords for the meaning behind the drawing (like if the giant and the fox girl are friends, you could add friendship and so on).

By the way, cute art <3


New Member
Aww! Thank you!

And thanks! I hadn't thought of some of those and wouldn't have considered subjective descriptors before you mentioned it... But I guess that IS what people would search for.