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Tail/ears set Trade?


*squeak squeak squeak*
Hello! I am a novice at making fursuit parts but I really like making things for others. I also love having different kinds of ears and tails to wear because I wear something like that nearly everyday and I like to mix it up. So I was thinking this, would anyone be willing to trade a set of ears and a tail that they have made/bought for a set of ears and a tail made by me?

The ears would be on a plastic toothed headband and would be made to be adjustable. The tail would be attached via two elastic belt loops and stuffed with polyfil. I am open to doing any sort of species so long as I can use the fur which I already have. I can also incorporate a zipper so you can unstuff/restuff at will and perhaps stash pockets too.

The only thing you would pay is shipping for the set to send to me, and I'll pay to ship you yours.

All the fur I have is from JoAnns so it is not top quality, but it's not 'fun fur' by any means and is still soft and plush. The short pile brown is the lowest quality of the bunch. The black and leopard print are both higher quality than the white.
Here is a picture:

Here are all the ears and tails i have made to date, starting with the oldest:

Any takers?

Post pictures of what you have to offer if so. :3