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Tail Help/Crit

Ok soo Im making my first partial ever o-o and so far its been good but =n= i hit a road block already the tail i just dont get it i want one that attaches to a belt by elastic loops. I started with the tail last night made a patern i think is worth being a pattern and did a test tail just to make sure...and it turned out horrible! I thought it would be ok and all but i forgot one thing how to make it so i can attach the elastic loops! I just do get it forgive me but am i dumb? =/

I want a tail that is big that reaches to my knees or to half way down my calves but i want sort of a poof at the end like a fox, Since the partial is a fox. If you can give me some pointers so i don't look look like a total idiot and have to ask my friend for help? Down below is a small doodle of what the pattern looks like.



Taken from Matrices...
There is several ways you can close off your tail and add belt loops, You can use elastic, nylon webbing or just the fur for the belt loops. The elastic will stretch if the tail is pulled, the nylon webbing is stronger but has no stretch, melt the raw edge of your nylon webbing with a lighter to keep it from fraying. You can also attach your tail directly to your bodysuit at this time as well.
  1. Using just the fur for a belt loop, fold the top of the tail about 3 inches and sew it to itself to make a tunnel your belt can go through. This design won't work for pants with a center back belt loop, though.
  2. For "free" belt loops. Using elastic or nylon webbing, cut two sections 6 inches long. Fold each over and tuck into the top of your tail (about an inch). You can roll the edge of your fur inwards for a more professional look. Hand sew, or if your machine can sew through very thick material you can machine-stitch across. Either way, make sure this is firmly stitched.
  3. For "hidden" belt loops. Sew two sections of 4-inch long elastic or nylon webbing into the top of your tail (rolling in the edge of fur if desired). Then take the two loose belt loops and pull them towards the underside of your tail. Fold the belt loops under about 1/2 inch and sew them on as well. This type is the more challenging way to attach belt loops, but you get the advantage of two elastic of nylon belt loops that are concealed by the fur. Great if you usually wear your shirts tucked in. Make sure that the loops are firmly stitched on in case the tail gets tugged.
When I made my tail, I did 1. So I'd recommend 1 personally.