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*tail wavies*


Hi, my names Solaris. I've been on FA for some time and wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm generaly rather shy when meeting new people so this is a big step for me ^^.

Little bit about me. I've been in the otherkin/dragon communities for a good number of years. I meet Myr way back at the Alt Fan Dragon boards and reciently he was the one who convinced me to join FA :) . At the moment I'm in college majoring in computer animation and 3d modeling, though I ran into a hicup when my external storage drive died for no apparent reason and I lost 5 years of work. Since then I've been trying to get my life back on track. Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask, I'm very open minded and always looking to befriend new dragons and furs :)


Hey Solaris, welcome to our little slice of purgatory. :p

Anyways, enjoy your stay with us...and don't be affraid to swing by the cuddles thread for some fun now and then. *chuckles* Peace.


Mmm.. bird.
I think I remember you from SL and then we stopped talking because I semi-died.

I owed you a commission, me thinks. o___O
Hey, welcome to the forums, you wants a peice of ham?[attachment=499]


That bitch
Welcome and remember, everyone else is mostly harmless.

Oh like Blitzy said don't be afraid to drop by the cuddles thread...


Welcome aboard, fellow Otherkin!

Standard warnings and cautions: don't use the term "dragon" when referring to D-Wolf (A.K.A. BlackDragoon), and be cautious of getting between SilverDragon and anything shiny.

{eyes the ham and licks his chops} Mmm, that looks tasty...


Welcome aboard! Don't worry about meeting new people, because we're all very friendly here.

*notes all the invitations to the Cuddles thread*

Actually, sometimes we're exceptionally friendly... *shrug*

Anyway, enjoy yourself!
Tinintri said:
GuitarSolo said:
Hey, welcome to the forums, you wants a peice of ham?

ZOMG ham... I never want to eat that stuff again!

Whats wrong with ham?!?!?:shock:


King o' the bushy tails
Hmm, I seem to be noticing that more and more 3D artists are popping up. Welcome to the forum mate.