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Really ratty rat
That'll go into my wallet at gog.com. Thanks, Gui :3

I'll give the furson below me one scavenged euro coin, valued at 1€.
....look, I am a feral rat. I'm not exactly hoarding riches, here :p


Well-Known Member
I'll buy a new T-shirt from local stores
Your hobby is wearing things? Me too!

I'm'a take that £500 and buy... err...

...actually, I think I have everything I need for my hobbies right now, so I'm going to pay it forward and pass the whole £500 on to the next person.


aka Cutter Cat
I'll take that money and first convert it into $. Then I would go to the thrift store and pick up some antiques to flip on Ebay. Since I make at least five times my money, I'll pass this along and give the next Furry $2,500.

Deleted member 111470

Okay, I'm set for life.

I wonder - what can you do with $20 for your hobby?

Deleted member 111470

That's perfect - I can use it to buy the new gopro camera. In fact it will cover most of the expenses.

What good would $8,000 do for your hobby?


Joy Boi
5000 would actually get me quite far. That way I can buy more leather AND more dyes. I've got a decent number of stamps but the biggest thing getting in my way are patters, so that helps quite a lot. Thank you. <3

I'll give you $452.67


A (Genocidal) crusader protogen with powers
Well that's oddly specific i'll spend $450 and add the extra to the next person I give money to
probably dual monitors (i'm gonna need another pc) for recording

2 grand + $2.67 ($2,002.67)

Deleted member 111470

Uh, I get a pimped out Santo as money for my hobby? Well, I guess I can finally try doing people photography.

The next user gets 1200$ for their hobby.


Scary Ancient Wombat
I'll buy an ice cream then.

50 dollars?
That's just enough for the upcoming Third Party Ravage figure

TransArt BWM-04 Black Agent (27)__scaled_600.jpg

God I need that mecha slav furry boi


Good Boy Avery

Level 28 Good Boy
Pays for my game subscriptions for a year, thanks.

500 american dollars worth of chuck e cheese tokens